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Black versus White is Bad for Cats — 5 Comments

  1. This story appeared in the local newspaper here in near Zurich in Switzerland just yesterday. I’m always glad when these important things are known about. I’m glad they consider it important news here where I live.

    • I am pleased too. I bet though that the Swiss newspaper article did not see a potential problem with endangering wildlife in the park. Or am I wrong? It was probably about people.

  2. I was born in Mombasa (Kenya) and my father was more Kenyan than Indian, knowing “Swahili” language fluently compared to Hindi, years of employment in Mombasa’s harbour and ships. Always have a tendency to turn nostalgic when the African Continent is mentioned and our household does possess a few of “African Game Trophy’s”. Wild-life trophy’s were commonly available in curio shops in Mombasa and Dares-salaam until 1988, the last time I visited these ports during employment on a ship. Politics plays a vital role in Conservation of Wild-life and thankfully Kenya and Tanzania have realized the same and the respective Governments have managed to balance human prosperity and overpopulation with wild-life conservation.Tragically Dr Robert.Mugabe seems to be doing an “Idi Amin” in “Wild-Life Conservation”, trying to undo the good conservation efforts done by some White land owners.

    • Yes, Rudolph he does seem to be undoing the good done by some white business people. I understand his sentiment etc. but white people in Zimbabwe could and have made the place more prosperous. That benefits everyone.

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