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Blind Holiday Kitten — 3 Comments

  1. It would take a lot to effect a kitten so. I think it would take a huge amount of abuse. Cats seem to bounce right back.

    Almost all the blind cats that I have known to have lost their sight due to an eye infection; most in feral colonies, but some in hoarders homes. Very sad.

  2. I love people who are willing to inconvenience their lives for the benefit of a cat, or any animal in need. Especially the suffering critters. We know from so many stories here and elsewhere that blindness doesn’t keep a cat for having a wonderful life. They adapt and don’t feel sorry for themselves. Thanks for the good story.

    • What is very nice about this story is that this guy more or less gave up his holiday for this kitten. Although the kitten probably made his holiday so much better or interesting. But it certainly wasn’t the holiday he had planned.

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