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Blue Point

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Blue point Modern Siamese cat
Blue Point Modern Siamese Cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick

In addition to the blue pointed Siamese above, this cat breed can be seen in all the pointed colours including: seal, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, tortie, lynx, silver lynx, shaded or chinchilla, smoke and particolor points.

Of course the eyes should be a brilliant sapphire blue. But the Siamese is known for a squint (crossed eyes). Cross eyes results in a penalty in competition (2010 – see Siamese Cat Health).

As can be seen this is not a roly ploy soft static cat. This cat must, “feel hard as a rock” (Gloria Stephens – legacy of the cat). She also says that the Siamese is a demanding cat. Yes and no. It depends on how much interaction you want yourself. That said a Siamese cat’s demands are usually satisfied with plenty of stroking and contact – plus high grade food!

Dr Bruce Fogle in The Enyclopedia of The Cat calls this breed, “energetically enterprising”. He also says that records of blue pointed Siamese cats go back to 1903. These would not be modern Siamese cats however, but traditionally shaped cats (history). The dilute gene (the gene that turns black to blue) probably came to the west with the Thai cats.

It is recognised by all the major cat associatons, of course.

Blue Point Modern Siamese Cat to Modern Siamese Cats

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