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Boatcat or Catloaf Pictures — 18 Comments

  1. From Leanne at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary – an upside down catloaf.

    He is one of our cats, Ollie doing a ‘reverse’ loaf. Upside down asleep, it just looked funny…

    catloaf pictures

  2. From Dorothy:

    She’s a loaf, though always ready to spring for escape. Yellow cat, in the perfect loaf pose. I love how the cats have cooperated for this post.

    catloaf picture

  3. From Ruth aka Kattaddorra:

    Jozef turned his head at the last moment before the camera clicked, but he is still almost a catloaf…and I have added two more..

    cat loaves

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  5. From Dorothy (dw)

    This was the best loafing cat picture I could find. I hope he qualifies. He is the best loafer I have. I like how it displays his lovely mane.

  6. Hmmm…well I did up load a picture an hour ago, but it hasn’t appeared. Either the form is broken, or Bigfoot didn’t fit the category. Sorry Bigfoot! Still trying for Marvin, but I have to be quick. If he sees me he gets up no matter what and comes running. So cute.

  7. I call it the “OMG has no arms and no legs!” position. It is most commonly known as loafing in my experience. I often ask my cats what they did with their limbs.

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