Boatcat or Catloaf Pictures

What’s a boatcat or catloaf picture? There are several standard resting positions that cats get into. Some inform us that the cat is extremely relaxed and chilled out. Other positions tell us that although the cat is resting, she is also alert. Actually, cats are almost, always alert but the coatloaf picture shows a cat that is clearly alert but taking the weight off her feet.

There are varying degrees of tidiness to catloafing or boatcatting. The best catloaf pictures are of very precise and tidy cats, with the forelegs nicely tucked under the chest and the head raised up in perfect alignment:

Top picture. Photo by savesonmi-451 on Reddit. Bottom picture by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue.

Top picture. Photo by savesonmi-451 on Reddit. Bottom picture by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue.

There is a modification to the catloaf position that I have mentioned before. It is the same as catloafing but the forelegs are raised so the cat is in a crouched position. Cats can hold this for long periods. I think cats do this when they are in discomfort or you see it when a cat is outside in a more alert resting and waiting situation.

Other names and spellings for the catloaf are:

  • battle-cat
  • loaf stance
  • hovercat
  • egg mode
  • cat-loaf
  • boat-cat
  • meatloaf-cat

I have never seen my cat, Charlie, do a catloaf. Perhaps this is because he has three legs and can’t get into a position where he is balanced. My lady cat, Binnie (now passed on) did it quite a lot. It would seem to be a matter of cat personality whether a cat takes up this position and for how long and if at all.

If you have a good catloaf picture please try uploading it using the form (“Upload an Image – Please select your image(s) to upload.”) and leave a comment – thanks. I’ll then add the picture to your comment.


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Boatcat or Catloaf Pictures — 18 Comments

  1. From Leanne at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary – an upside down catloaf.

    He is one of our cats, Ollie doing a ‘reverse’ loaf. Upside down asleep, it just looked funny…

    catloaf pictures

  2. From Dorothy:

    She’s a loaf, though always ready to spring for escape. Yellow cat, in the perfect loaf pose. I love how the cats have cooperated for this post.

    catloaf picture

  3. From Ruth aka Kattaddorra:

    Jozef turned his head at the last moment before the camera clicked, but he is still almost a catloaf…and I have added two more..

    cat loaves

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  5. From Dorothy (dw)

    This was the best loafing cat picture I could find. I hope he qualifies. He is the best loafer I have. I like how it displays his lovely mane.

  6. Hmmm…well I did up load a picture an hour ago, but it hasn’t appeared. Either the form is broken, or Bigfoot didn’t fit the category. Sorry Bigfoot! Still trying for Marvin, but I have to be quick. If he sees me he gets up no matter what and comes running. So cute.

  7. I call it the “OMG has no arms and no legs!” position. It is most commonly known as loafing in my experience. I often ask my cats what they did with their limbs.

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