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Bobcat Geographic Range — 7 Comments

  1. Around 2010 I saw a bobcat in my suburban city yard, hiding behind a tree and looking wide-eyed at me as I looked wide-eyed back. There was a large forested area near me, but much of that has now been developed. I never saw it again. I just saw YouTube video of someone having one as a pet, and I had to come on and check what the range was. I live in central North Carolina. I don’t see a pin there.

  2. I regularly get bobcat pictures on my trail cameras near Salem, Indiana. Have been seeing them for 3 years now.

  3. we think we saw a bobcat in Vallejo, Ca. It was about 150′ or less away. It was 3x the size of a house cat. it had white boots, grey coat with swirly blackish stripes. By interstate 80 at the Redwood road offramp, on a hill below a house, where there may be a “greenbelt” access to other open property. I want to know if we really saw a bobcat. I am always surprised by deer that live and multiply in urban areas. thank you for a prompt reply. DO NOT keep or use my address.

    • I was hunting in the Pasqua Hills in North central Saskatchewan.
      Two mornings in a row I had the pleasure of watching a bobcat. I was in a tree stand at the time so I was not scented.
      The location was Lat.53.00508, Long.103.37366.
      That was the first for me. I have seen lynx several times.
      I did not realize that the bobcats had gone so far North.
      Unfortunately I did not have a working camera at the time.

      • Thanks John for taking the time to comment and record your sighting. Did you see a Canada lynx rather than a bobcat? They do look different but are similar. Your sighting is within the range of the Canada lynx.

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