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Bobcat and Lynx Fur Trade Statistics — 5 Comments

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  4. Had visited “Harrods” in London in May 2010 and was surprised at the costly fur fashion sold in this World famous shopping Institution. Bizarrely, on the same day there was a “Morcha(Demonstration)” by the “Anti-Fur Lobby” on the street outside Harrods.A small group of people stood outside with cruelty hoardings of photographs of animals being skinned and also distributing literature on the same.I clicked photographs of them.Was the “Anti-Fur Demonstration of May-2010” a success in shaping public opinion? Has Harrods stopped selling animal pelts fashion accessories in its shops in 2012?

    • Hi Rudolph, good questions. I had better look up the answers. However, I think what has happened is that the fur trade was attacked as immoral and then it gradually crept back. This is typical of human nature. We tend to forget things that happened about a year ago or more.

      If I went down to Harrods (about 2 miles away), I would bet that there are quite a few fur coats and accessories on display and some will be made from bobcats.

      I have to confess that I have little faith in the human race to do the decent thing.

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