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Branch of U.S. Department of Agriculture Illegally Killing Pets — 5 Comments

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  2. It should be illegal to trap animals as the one in the photo above. There is probably no worse way to die than starving to death whilst your foot is crushed in a stupid metal trap. Trappers are the worst of the worst in my opinion. You can’t get a more cowardly and cruel way to kill an animal than to shoot it while it’s trapped with a broken foot or leg. People who do that are no better than child molestors, in my opinion they are worse even.

  3. As horrible as this is it does not suprise me one bit. Any organisation in the US with the word ‘animal’ or ‘wildlife’ in it is probably a horrible organisation full of animal disrespecting/hating *ssh*l*s – also the word shelter in the US has a very opposing meaning. This story is just incredibly and depressingly typical and falls into the general pattern of things there I guess.

  4. Well spotted Elisa. The story is horrendous. However, it does not surprise me one bit. I am sure a lot more illegality goes in government agencies and departments that we have no idea about. And that goes for any country including the UK.

    When it comes to animals there is little in the way of rights and protection for them behind closed doors or in semi-secret departments of government.

    One of the problems, which I have to refer to again, is the large number of stray companion animals wandering around. This devalues companion animals in the eyes of people who have dubious morals.

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