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British Longhair Cat Facts For Kids — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Michael. This is a very magnificent looking cat. I have a few cat books and this cat breed is not featured in any of them so this is a treat to be introduced to it. It’s Shorthair counterpart is very popular but nevertheless they are both stunning. I love its look perhaps because it looks like my cat Penelope. I know this page is dedicated to kids but adults like moi appreciate it too.

    • Thanks. You are right, the post is written for anyone who wants a clean, easy to read article. I am pleased too that you like this cat. I really do believe that this cat breed is one of the most beautiful cats in the world and I am surprised it is not better known. Perhaps the British Shorthair has drowned it out, suppressed its potential popularity.

  2. We enjoyed reading this article, Michael.

    A question: If a breed was created from mating of British SH with Persian after the First World War, how it is possible that this cat is almost 2000 years old? 🙂 Or we misunderstood something?

    • Ah…well that is a question…The same question can be asked of many breeds. The way I have written the article is to pose the question whether this cat is 2,000 years old or not. Most of the British Longhair is 2,000 years old (because it is a British Shorthair) but a bit of it is not 2,000 years old 😉

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