Brown Tabby Maine Coon Family

This is mom, dad and kitten all looking amazing in a classic Helmi Flick photograph. Helmi calls them The Brown Tabby Family. This is no Maine Coon ordinary family. They were raised at Koonary Maine Coons.  At the date of this post I cannot find their website. They may have retired. For that reason I have removed their name from the bottom of this image that was intended to be a hard copy poster of 16×12 inches, I believe. It is a very large photographic file which I reduced in size. It is still a large file and may load relatively slowly but I wanted the quality.

Mother father and offspring Maine Coons brown tabbies

Mischief, Gypsy and kitten. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

This is a great photograph from a number of perspectives. For me, firstly the photograph allows us to see the difference in appearance of the female and male Maine Coon. It can be a bit challenging when looking at cat pictures to spot the sex of the cat. Sometimes it is difficult. Not in this case. And the ‘child’ simply looks like a child.

I have to mention the stand-out tails. What does the breed standard say about Maine Coon tails? Well, this is interesting…for people like me..TICA says that the Maine Coon tail should be at least as long as the body and wide at the base, tapering to a tip. The tail should be ‘flowing fur’. It seems that mom and dad in the photo have tails that almost widen out towards the tip. Or at least they retain their width throughout the length.

The CFA breed standard also refers to a tapering tail. It does not matter. They have fantastic Maine Coon tails.

Mom looks like a mackerel tabby with fairly even fur while dad has the usual shaggy Maine Coon long fur and a classic tabby appearance. TICA tend to prefer the shaggy look I am told. This may have evolved however. Breed standards do change from time to time.

The breed standard requires that the ‘ground color’ of a brown tabby Maine Coon to be a ‘brilliant coppery brown’. The markings should ideally be a dense black.

Can you acquire a Maine Coon kitten for free?

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Brown Tabby Maine Coon Family — 8 Comments

  1. Recently lost my Big Boy brown tabby Maine coon cat giant but so lovable teddy bear
    would do anything to find another like him .Actually looking for an adult up to 3 yrs.old
    any help would be greatly.

  2. Wow, the face of the male reminds me of my Nicky. I LOVE that big upper maw look (where the whiskers come out). The larger they are the wider the upper maw seems to be, making them look like lions a bit. He had short hair like the female and was a mackerel as well. I love the kitten. He looks to be between 14-18 weeks? Hard to age by a photo. 🙂

    It’s amazing on how well they fit together. I’ll take them all!

    Great pix. thank you

    • Hi Dan, thanks for the comment. Helmi takes great cat photographs and see meets great cats! It is quite rare to see a family of three Maine Coons in one photograph and so nicely arranged by Ken Flick, who as you know wrangles the cats into position. An important role indeed.

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