Burmese Cat “Raison” on Back Feet

Here is a beautiful looking American Burmese cat responding well to Ken Flick’s tease. He is in the ‘cobra position’ almost. Some cats respond better than others but clearly this cat, whose name is Raison (good name), is very responsive and alert. He is a sable American Burmese I believe. If I am incorrect, sorry.

Burmese Cat Raisin Standing On His Back Feet

Burmese Cat Raisin Standing On His Back Feet

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Burmese Cat “Raison” on Back Feet — 2 Comments

    • The color is a very rich chocolate/coffee color. Popular cat breed. The thing that comes to my mind about the Burmese is the unfortunate overbreeding of the rounded head that lead to the major health problem with this cat. You can read about that on the Burmese cat health page. Still a very nice cat breed.

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