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  1. lol more skins than an onion lol
    I so enjoy your writing and soh Leanne and always looking forward to more articles from you.

  2. ollie does the same thing but the difference being she dos’nt get down so easy, once up on your shoulder se dos’nt see any good reason to get down again and will hang on with all she’s got!! not too bad in the winter when you’re wearing more skins than an onion, but summer tends to be painful. lol. what would we do without them?

  3. Tabitha sounds gorgeous Leanne and will make someone’s home a very happy place full of laughter, with her.
    We had a cat called Bert years ago who used to sit on our shoulders as a kitten, he would run up whatever we were wearing and sit upright lol I have a photo somewhere of Babz all dressed and ready to go to work and with a kitten sitting there on her shoulder.

  4. you’re right, they make us laugh, but NEVER at them, only with them!! at the moment we hve the sweetest little b/w cat,Tabitha, probably less than 1 yr old, she came in as a stray and never claimed, but she is the funniest, friendliest cat. as soon as you go into her pen she takes a leap onto your shoulder and no matter what you are doing she stays there throughout. when you bend over to pick up litter/ bedding, or whatever she just walks onto your back, then when you straighten up she hops back onto your shoulder. while brushing the floor she tries to swipe the end of the broom (from your shoulder of course)the only time she gets down is when she realises its feeding time, then she dos’nt want to know you. until next time and then the game starts all over again!!

    • “only with them”

      Yes, that is so important and it is something I have fought for. Laughing and loving go together. This is laughing with cats not entertaining ourselves at the expense of cats. Thanks Leanne.

    • O wow Leanne, I love kittens who do that. I had a cat who did that a long time ago in Canada. I was constantly working on things, making artwork and doing stuff and she would love to sit on my shoulder and watch and grab at things whilst I was busy. Somewhere I even have a photo of her giving herself a good clean/lick/bath whilst on my back, I am leaning forward doing something else. Funny photo 🙂 Tabitha sounds sweet. I agree that there’s a difference between laughing at and laughing with.

  5. Because it’s such a cold day today they’ve awarded themselves a day in bed having been up, out, had a breakfast or two and a game with the red tissue paper and tickling stick, so they’ll be full of beans later no doubt

  6. Thank you. I forgot to write that on the nightly loaded tray are Walter and Jozef’s overnight snacks too as they like a wander around in the wee small hours and a nibble or two.

  7. The looks at just the right moment are what always get me. It’s like they have an intuitive ability for it, yet there are blissfully unaware… hum… or are we the ones blissfully unaware… Great article!

  8. Sweet article. Natural comediens.

    Marvin is a regular clown. He starts wrestling with his wool rug and turns summersaults as he is kicking and thrashing. I wouldn’t want to get in the way. I just sit and laugh at his antics. He is the silliest cat I’ve ever known.

    • Lilly does that with her ‘cat mat’. I sent Michael a video of Lilly having a freak out on her mat. I love the sound of Marvin. What a great name too. I bet he is a real joy to spend time with 🙂

      • I’d love to see it. I will try to get a video of Marvin having his way with the rug. Never a dull moment with that big red guy. He talks constantly. If he is napping, and you move….he talks. I just spent an hour weeding the garden with him laying under the olive tree in the shade. Talking, talking. He is something.

  9. Sweet article. Full of charm. Cats definitely amuse us. Charlie’s great trick is to raise himself up on this hind legs, to sit on his bottom and using his tail as a stabiliser (tripod like), while placing his only forepaw (left hand) on my table while I eat. In this position he can look at me almost eye to eye for a long time making a strong point that he should have some of what I am eating. He usually gets his wish.

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