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  1. I agree with Ruth. If anybody is incredibly guilty, they are. They caused the problem. They should just shut up now. Without them none of this would have happened.

    I think the ASPCA is incredibly dodgy and I think Craig Grant ended up in a dodgy situation with choices to make but none of the choices were particularly good. Why, because people kept dropping off their cats on him. He got in deep and beyond his control. I guess he did what he could to navigate through the series of impossible problems.

    PETA actually hired a spy investigator to go there and make a film including false footage of rotting fridges for added drama. What a bunch of vultures. They have so much money they could have fixed the problem and helped the cats. So could the ASPCA. Instead they sat around letting it get worse trying to spy and build a case. It is a matter of public record that PETA euthanise about 90% of the animals people give them in good faith. PETA send flowers to pounds who face having to go back to killing animals because of overcrowding saying its the right thing to do. I HATE PETA so much.. they are such a bunch of idiot publicity weirdo freaks who don’t even know whats best for animals because they think they should all be killed. It’s public record, you can google it.

    I think when Caboodle was good and on TV and things were great these big organisations felt threatened by it and needed to make it look like hoarding abuse. Did you know that these big organisations act and do and even say enough to basically insinuat that small shelters are just a danger and potential of hoarding. You know why… because they want all the money. They need to make all these private liitle shelters that keep sprouting up around them look like a threat to animal welfare so people don’t start donating to them. They may have done good things in the past and they may do good things in the future. But there are other organisations who would do the good work without being the corporate greedy fat evil tossers that are the ASPCA HSUS PETA. Why do they not like small shelters? What happened to Caboodle that forced it to go all wrong. What were they doing when they weren’t doing anything to help the situation. Greedy a** h*les.

    Something tells me if you make a paradise for cats and it gets too big and on TV and people start to like it and want to donate their money to it – you are going to have the ASPCA try and take you down so hard you don’t even know what happened. Pimps. They will make sure you are an animal abusing hoarder. They have that kind of power. These big charities are the failure and immoral result of capitalism. There may not be a better system, there must be one, but regardless, these are the bad things that come as a result of them.

  2. This seems to have dragged on for ages and I don’t know the rights and wrongs of it all, it was very distressing to read about all the arguments,the fors and againsts, but I do think people had no right to go and demand their cats back.
    Why did they relinquish them in the first place?
    I think it’s terrible that anyone can do this on any flimsy excuse. I don’t believe all the hundreds of people leaving their cats there had a good reason to.
    Cats are family, families should stick together in hard times!

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