Caboodle Ranch in Trouble with the Court Again

The latest twist and turn in this case has resulted in a temporary court order of 9th August 2012. I don’t have the full history of this court proceedings but the current and latest order is pretty clear.

At clause one the court makes an order (an injunction in effect) forbidding Caboodle Ranch from encouraging its followers to contact the court to petition or put pressure on the court to make a decision on the matter of a bond (and perhaps on other matters too). In fact the court orders Caboodle Ranch to actively discourage its followers from such action by making a post on their Facebook page(s).

It appears that Caboodle Ranch on its website and Facebook pages have been encouraging third parties (to the proceedings  – people not concerned with the action) to make contact withe court to help fight their cause.

This has displeased the judge! Not surprising. It indicates how Craig Grant tends to ignore the law.

The order was made after an application and a three way telephone conference – judge, applicant and respondent. It seems the judge made the application himself having been informed of what was going on.

The other clauses of the order include orders that:

  • ASPCA only place cats with individual people not another shelter without a further court order.
  • ***A person who has an association with Caboodle Ranch (CR) or who has opinions in favour of CR cannot be refused adoption of a cat or cats by ASPCA solely on the grounds that they are or were connected or associated with CR and/or hold those opinions.*** This is an important order and is a reference I think to what I posted on this page and the subsequent comments. It seems that Elise Perkins petitioned the court informally (or the court has taken note of her intentions) and this is the result. Perkins does not want anyone who supports CR to be able to adopt a cat that was formerly at CR. “To CR fans wanting to adopt cats. You are out of luck…”
  • People who have voiced opinions in favour of CR and who are adjudged by ASPCA to be unable to provide inadequate care and so are not allowed by ASPCA to adopt a cat can have a hearing at court on the matter and the cats concerned should be reserved for them. Phew…! This is complicated. The maximum number of cats that can be reserved is 3.

The above orders are the main ones. You can see the entire order (take a drink first!) below:

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  1. Hello Barbara 🙂 thank you again… I know I have a temper and a potty mouth and I am sorry if I offended you ever.. Pamela Jonasson

  2. Thank you for saying that Barbara. I actually posted some other important info here about CR and CG but..remainder removed because the rest insults me. And how Pamela can think she can get away with a comment being published that insults the owner of the website is beyond me…(Michael – Admin).

    If you have important points to make, make them without using swear words, without insulting anyone and without using capital letters. Please.

  3. Queen fauxirish scum has spoken to me personally, I could just vomit.
    Deborah Irish Cornaire:

    “Ye pathetic piece of maggots shit,I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than wot ye posted to me on the Inc page,if ye gonna be a cunt, first ye have to be smart, otherwise ye just a stupid cunt,I’ve read more coherent things from a schizophrenic with Tourette’s,Ye act as though your stupidity is a virtue,the smartest thing ever to come out of ye mouth was most likely a winky,if I find a guy willing to put his winky in ye mouth will that shut ye up?”

    • If she sent this to you on FB, report her for obscenity and bullying and post the screenshot.

      It’s time her sick little games were stopped.

      I don’t agree with much of what you’ve said, Pam, but you don’t deserve abuse like this.

  4. How dare you call the people who saved these cats from despair persons that used them as pawns. You have def got to get it together Michael. Did something traumatic happen to you over the last year because where I have NOT changed you certainly have! How disparaging!


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