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  1. Hello Barbara 🙂 thank you again… I know I have a temper and a potty mouth and I am sorry if I offended you ever.. Pamela Jonasson

  2. Thank you for saying that Barbara. I actually posted some other important info here about CR and CG but..remainder removed because the rest insults me. And how Pamela can think she can get away with a comment being published that insults the owner of the website is beyond me…(Michael – Admin).

    If you have important points to make, make them without using swear words, without insulting anyone and without using capital letters. Please.

  3. Queen fauxirish scum has spoken to me personally, I could just vomit.
    Deborah Irish Cornaire:

    “Ye pathetic piece of maggots shit,I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than wot ye posted to me on the Inc page,if ye gonna be a cunt, first ye have to be smart, otherwise ye just a stupid cunt,I’ve read more coherent things from a schizophrenic with Tourette’s,Ye act as though your stupidity is a virtue,the smartest thing ever to come out of ye mouth was most likely a winky,if I find a guy willing to put his winky in ye mouth will that shut ye up?”

    • If she sent this to you on FB, report her for obscenity and bullying and post the screenshot.

      It’s time her sick little games were stopped.

      I don’t agree with much of what you’ve said, Pam, but you don’t deserve abuse like this.

  4. How dare you call the people who saved these cats from despair persons that used them as pawns. You have def got to get it together Michael. Did something traumatic happen to you over the last year because where I have NOT changed you certainly have! How disparaging!

  5. Thank you Michael for being fair in running this comments section. I can’t believe someone has thought to call me out for passing word from one site to another. Both Caboodle Ranch Inc. and Caboodle Ranch Fanpage have several people that can log on as admin and use the respective handles it is not unheard of that one may not have seen the post of the other. I had seen the post about the interview on the fanpage site and checked the Inc. site to see if there was any more information on it there. When I did not see it mentioned I posted about it so that those on the Inc. site would know about it too. Since the post on the Fanpage was just minutes old the admin on Inc hadn’t heard yet and questioned me about it. I then copied and pasted what had been said by Fanpage admin.

    About the was done so comment, I was typing fast and was not exactly calm. Wasn’t paying proper attention to grammar. Sorry about that Pamela I didn’t mean to upset the grammar police. What I posted about the young lady that was turned away was what had been told to me both on the CRI site and also in PM from her. They were letting people in six at a time and checking names against the list as they came up. She was not allowed inside. The paperwork for those that were allowed to adopt was done after they had selected their cats and were ready to leave not before they entered.

  6. Pamela,do go get a lobotomy,ye are in dire need of one and ye others keep blowing hot air out of ye arses,Michael,thankye lad for posting this,of course it has been shared on the CR sites and of course ye have the sods and twits posting their opinions,ye people are underhanded and sneaky,posting on ye haters page saying I’m a fake and saying I’m from California is a hoot,aye my daughter is since that was where she was born,but I digress,the ASPCA will be held in contempt of court,this is far from being over and BTW,Craigs next court dates is NOT months from now.

    • Fauxrish is back! Terrific – this discussion needed another walking b*****t.

      Some day you and the other CR supporters need to learn to read. The judge’s order was NOT violated this weekend. The ASPCA will NOT face contempt charges. The anonymous supporters (fantasy!) over whose treatment you have been beating your breasts were NOT wronged, and you have no case.

      But let’s let the story play out… 🙂

        • I don’t get time to read all the comments so just grab the ones I can and censor them! Sh*t should be censored. It is unnecessary. I don’t mind swear words but some visitors who are more gentle than me don’t like them and I am sensitive to their requests so try and remove them. I miss some. A lot of comments occur when I am asleep at night so I can miss them in the morning. Hope that answers your question.

  7. I’m totally appalled at the depth of hatred and personal accusations made on this site. Obviously, the cats are the ones who need new homes at this time, but there appears to be some very disturbing vendettas brewing toward others. Did anyone ever internalize that Craig’s original plan was to save cats in lieu of setting up a “torture chamber” as some believe. Yes, it escalated out of control for many reasons, and he is paying the price. Some have lost their cats but should have investigated placement fully before making a choice. Did anyone see that cats resided in open areas that could not be 100% protected from predators? Did anyone know Craig didn’t believe in euthanizing animals and that he accepted all who were dropped off at his site? I’ll stop here because everyone who wanted Caboodle shut down has his/her wish granted. This is very sad, of course, and am concerned this is causing people to lash out…some appear mentally unstable. Lesson that we all should learn: Be constructive with criticism, do your research and make an informed decision about everything and be civil in both verbal and written messages. Otherwise, most, if not all, credibility is lost. My wish is for all the Caboodle survivors to find homes. I’ve visited the ranch several times and have seen the progression. (Yes, I would have made some changes along the way). Please find some peace knowing the surviving cats and kittens are finding loving homes. There is sadness for those who didn’t make it, but what kind of life would they have had otherwise.

    • Hi Morgan. I agree and I own and manage the site. I deliberately let people through comments show the world the problem that humans have. The cats are often pawns in human conflict of some sort. There are many other examples. The war in Syria. What about the cats? The war between the bird conservationists and the people who want are concerned about feral cats. These are just two examples. I always feel that within the human/cat relationship the human has failed and the cat has been reliable. These comments are a symptom of that failure.

      • Michael then by your comment you have seen more hoarding/abuse/cruelty to cats…this is the first time with the caboodle ranch nightmare that I have felt I should speak. I truly do not know what craig grants goal was…I know what I saw and I know I was lied to and deceived….and yes he definitely used the cats as pawns…….The biggest lie was that your cat would be taken care of the rest of its’ life…pretty big promise.I have to give them credit their website is very beleivable….filming made them popular,but I am me and I am not impressed by cute little houses….these cats had no proper shelter….I was interested in how he managed this place after 3 days I realized it was a scam and people were coming from all over the country..so it was hard to get the word out. Nanette,Rob were the closest people to him why did they just not stop him…Money? Enablers? that would be another good subject….They were not about the cats.

    • Morgan I volunteered at the so called ranch……why did he just not stop and take care of the ones he had like at 100? It was about the money and the tv shows…no one in their right mind would want 700 cats. Family,friends,supporters should have stepped in why didn’t they?

  8. As usual the “spin” never stops. Kind of hard to keep your mouth shut week after week when you see it spinning. That order means NOTHING. It was to pacify a moron being represented by a moron lawyer. If anything that order reinforced beautifully just how done cr is. It points out nothing new. I think u would have to be completely insane to read anything into it as this weekend clearly depicts. The adoption happened and is happening. The psycho are being and will be turned away. Frankly, there is nothing left but for somebody who did shoddy work on his shoddy property with his shoddy skills to pay the piper. Maybe who want to “save” animals will properly prepare beforehand and not create lying, fruadulent websites and some lessons will be learned. I know I learned a horrendous one. And side note to the Lee resident skanky Lin…stay the hell out of my business ******. You have to be the only resident in hicksville that wanted thousands of cats roaming into their yards and lives. Disgusting **** probably lives far enough away not to care about the residing neighbors and what it did to their lives the last decade.

  9. This court injunction is frankly an indication of the excessive amount of argument that surrounds CR that has spilled over to the court. That is a point I made in an earlier post.

    Judges don’t like this sort of behavior. And someone could end up with a criminal record for having been found guilty of contempt of court.

    The punish for contempt of court can be quite high.

  10. david you lowlife …., that is one hell of a threat you made in one your earlier posts, I sure do hope Johnny D. screen shot that b*tch.

    • You people are THREAT happy !! every word someone says is a threat… Look up freedom of speech. You know something called rights but I guess everyone looses them when they start talking to any of you guys… just saying Karma is a bitch sometimes… Oh Well !!! Screen Shot That. Have a wonderful day now ….

  11. Retard taylor is telling people on one shitfanpage that cr is doing an interview and another s***fanpage ROB GRANT is asking **** taylor, “who is doing an interview?’ Talk about bringing in the creepy clowns!

  12. **** off DAVIDDDDD whoever TF you are????? what a ****. I have been out there a total of 15 times is that enough for ya – ya ****?

  13. Last post, sorry…thanks for leaving my name out Amanda as one the 3 very first to come forward. I don’t count Ann since she did not come forward. But I was so lucky to get sued and win and because you know nothing about me Amanda, let me tell you they not only lost that suit but the one for a restraining order dear. I had to go out there ya know just show up IN NOVEMBER OF 2010 WHEN GRANT WAS REFUSING TO CALL ME BACK IN MY SEVENTH MONTH OF SEARCHING FOR MY CATS. WHEN I SURPRISE ARRIVED AND SHOT SOME SERIOUSLY HORRIBLE PICS SOME OF WHICH YOU HAVE SEEN, HE CUSSED ME OUT WITH THE “F” WORD EVERY OTHER WORD FOR A BUNCH OF SENTENCES BUT HE LET ME STAY, Gary warned me to just stop going out there lest my body and car disappear on one of those trips. Carolyn and I, ME, were the first ones out there door to door on this thing. And she is truly the HERO. She volunteered and put up with his arrogance for several weekends, but just like me she was put down for all she reported to the cyberspace scum. After a frigging year and a half of that shit you kind of lose your patience and any kindness you once had. So maybe that will help you gain some perspective now about me. I have been door to door to neighbors three times, how many times have you done that. Don’t leave me off the hero list because I like to cuss. I will always be responsible for bringing this hoarder to light and also paying a huge, huge, huge price for making the wretched mistake of bringing my loves to hell.


  15. Scr*w off Taylor, you ****. Honestly I can’t tell from this thread who the bigger **** is, Taylor or Michael!!! Remember this both of ya, THE CATS WON AND WILL KEEP ON WINNING. Except for all, and we know it is in the thousands that Grant & bad co. killed. SO *** TAYLOR, I can’t wait to see what your sorry ass looks like at the criminal hearing. You must be a blob with giant thumbs pecking away at the frigging computer all day and nite! What a ***!!!

    Warning: Pamela, you will have to tone down your language. Not swear words and no words in capitals, please.

  16. The person that was turned away was done so at the door. She was not allowed inside. She was turned away solely based on the list. There was no prescreening other than checking the list. She has never been accused of being a hoarder or abuser. She had a copy of the court order which the people at the door refused to even look at and they denied any knowledge of there even being a court order.

    • And you know that how?? Everyone went through the same screening process. This person probably didn’t pass the screening process for any number of reasons but is blaming “the list.” Every shelter and adoption event has a screening process. It’s how to prevent animals going to convicted abusers, hoarders, or just people who are renting from landlords that do not allow pets.

    • No, Perry. She was not turned away at the door. The first and only place any id is checked is during the application process. There is no id check “at the door” at any of the events. None.

  17. Perry, the judge did not say the list could not be used. He said the ASPCA could not deny an adoption SOLELY on the basis of the prospective adopter supporting Caboodle Ranch. The ASPCA would not do that. After all, several ranch supporters came in to claim their own cats, and the ASPCA let them have them.

    As John said, the list included names of convicted hoarders and abusers, as well as people who have said publicly they will turn over cats they adopt to Craig Grant, which is illegal. Those are all good reasons to deny someone an adoption. The list did not include the names of all 18,000 fans of the ranch. No one has access to all those names except the page administrators.

    Further, the order does not compel the ASPCA to set aside three cats for anyone who makes a fuss about getting turned away. It requires them to set aside up to three cats that a person had specifically picked out, if the person was subsequently turned down solely on the basis of being a ranch supporter.

    However, at these events, people were pre-screened. They needed to pass the screening process before they even got in to pick out cats to adopt. The person you are talking about was turned away before even getting into the facility. Therefore, there are no cats for the ASPCA to set aside. They are not compelled to set aside three random cats for people like this.

    Regarding Craig Grant’s personal cats, people on your page are claiming the judge ordered them returned to Craig Grant. He did not. He simply ordered that they not be part of this adoption event. What happens to them next has yet to be determined.

    As for all the emails to the judge, CR and its supporters are lucky the judge didn’t throw them in jail for contempt. He had already issued an order for them not to contact him, which they explicitly ignored. This time he asked that they post requests to stop the messages on Facebook, since that is where the requests to contact the judge were originally issued.

  18. Though John is correct in that it is not all 18,000+ supporters of Caboodle Ranch one of the supporters who was denied entry because of this list has said the list was four or five pages long. It seems to be a list of those of us most vocal on the Caboodle Ranch facebook page. Even though the judge said no to the list it is still being used against us in at least Clearwater. The judge has been informed as well as the attorneys involved.If you would read point 5 of this order you will see that the ASPCA may not decline to adopt solely on this list or association with Caboodle Ranch or Craig Grant or because of our opinion of PETA, or the ASPCA. They may refuse adoption in the case of known or suspected abusers but have to reserve up to three cats for them as they petition the court about this matter. Since Elise and friends put this list together solely based on what she read on the Caboodle pages I seriously doubt she ran any kind of background check on us to determine if any of us were abusers.

    As to the judge saying no more emails, he told Caboodle Ranch he got the idea and asked that they post on their pages not to send anymore which was done.

    Another good point brought out in this is that Craig Grant’s personal cats will be withdrawn from adoption event and held for his trial.

    • NO potential adopters are permitted to enter any of the shelters until their adoption applications were completed and approved. The shelters are not side-shows. There is no purpose or need to admit anyone else. The court order prescribes steps to be followed for anyone who feels they were not permitted to adopted because of their association with CR. Once those steps have been followed, the court will make the final decision whether that person is a suitable adoption candidate.

      Since you were not present, Perry, you do not know (without consulting the shelter) why the person was not permitted to adopt.

  19. Michael, you really should do some research before you post these articles. Consulting the people you mention by name would be a good start.

    Elise did not “petition the court”, formally or informally.

    As we have made abundantly clear, the list was NOT a list of 18,000 CR supporters — which is an absurd idea. It was a list of convicted hoarders, abusers, and those who have made specific statements of intent to fraudulently acquire cats with the purpose of illegally returning them to Caboodle Ranch.

    The court was not involved in any way. The ASPCA is under no obligation to use it. This was merely alerting them to a number of people who represent threats to the welfare of the cats, threats which might have otherwise gone undetected.

    However, when Caboodle Ranch expressed concern that *all* CR supporters were being indiscriminately banned from adopting, the judge agreed to an order prohibiting that without verifying the claims.

    It’s a solution to an imaginary problem.

    • Oh Crap here we go again John the Babbler and his so called informed Opinions that matter to no one but him and the Queen trouble maker.. you really need to get a life !!!! Someone some day may just turn the tables on you and your group of trolls. John is it the fact you like to see the babble that you post every where. Did you ever go to Caboodle Ranch I bet you haven’t so in fact you talking about something you really have no Clue about. Now I’m just guessing here but have you ever been there John ???

    • Writing to a court informally is effectively petitioning the court to do something. I cautiously suggested that might have happened. If I try and contact people first it will take a week to get a response if at all so I have to proceed cautiously and carefully which is what I have done. Please don’t be so judgmental in your comments. And please remember I run a website that has to be alive, prompt, provocative and newsworthy on these subjects. Comments are there for people to make corrections politely if there are errors and I have not made an error because I have worded things with care.

    • An informal approach to the court is petitioning the court. She said she would use a list of CR fans to prevent them adopting CR cats and the order appeared to reflect that or prevent it happening.

      If I emailed people on these live subjects I might get a late response or no response and I have a website to run. It has to be alive and provocative. I word things with caution and I allow people to make comments even when I am criticised in the interests of accuracy and fair play.

      I would like you to be a little less judgmental and more aware that I have a site to run.

      I visited your site beforehand but found nothing to assist me.

      • At no time did Elise approach the court, file papers with the court, or consult the court in any way regarding this list. Therefore, she DID NOT PETITION THE COURT.

        You clearly didn’t contact ANYONE knowledgeable about these issues before you scrawled your blog post here, and now you’re trying to defend the misinformation that you generated by saying, “oh well, I don’t have time to be truthful.”

        And yes, I noticed that you added a few weasel words to your false statement. It’s hardly an improvement.

        “Alive and provocative” is not the same as “blatantly false and inflammatory.” I suggest you learn the difference. Until you do, I will not be feeding your page hits.

        • What is that order a reference to then? And please try and be less judgmental and remember it is my site. You need to be a little more respectful, please.

  20. Micheal,

    You made a couple mistakes in your article. I respectfully request you correct the article. FYI: There is no such thing as petitioning the court informally. If you petition the court its always a formal petition, and that petition would be filed with the Court and part of the court file. I did not petition the court in any way as you mistakenly assumed. This Order was a result of Caboodle Ranch’s attorney having a hearing on Caboodle Ranch’s motion to modify an Order, which the Judge did. Notice the first sentence in the Order, it states that “This cause having come before this court…on the Motion to modify stay…filed by CR…etc.” The Order is a result of CR’s formally petitioning the court through their motion they filed on July 25th. I hope this clears matters up for you. Thank you.

    • Elise, with respect I disagree with you. What I am saying, in my own language, is that when a person writes to a court they are informally petitioning the court or trying to. No one can stop them doing it initially. Yes it might be ignored and it is not allowed but it has been done and judges still read these things so they can be effective sometimes.

      • Michael, what you choose to call “informally petitioning the court” is LEGALLY known as approaching the court EX PARTE. The court does not consider it an “informal petition;” it is considered garbage and cannot be considered by the court.

        • I disagree. It depends on the court and judge. Sometimes informal letters etc can be considered. It depends on the circumstances. The court order makes a reference to an attempt to bar a group of people from adopting CR cats. I am simply speculating why. I am entitled to do that.

          Ex parte applications are normally formal applications to court by one party to the proceedings without notifying the other party or parties.

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