Caged Humans – Free Lions

This is a nice picture of caged humans being looked at by free lions. That’s the way it looks and for me it is a very pleasant picture that turns the tables on the human. It hints at something better, for me 😉

However, these are not free lions. They are also caged by an enclosure that we can barely see. Never mind…we got close to cat utopia for a second. There is an inserted smaller picture top right.

caged humans fee lions
Caged humans fee lions
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The picture was taken at the New Zealand Orana Wildlife Park. I suppose the idea is to get people close to lions safely while providing more space for the lions. Makes sense. The trouble is it is still a zoo.

8 thoughts on “Caged Humans – Free Lions”

  1. Keep these humans trapped for about 10 days or until they are crazed, throw them a piece of raw meat, and let them fight over it!
    I know this is harsh, but I can’t help it.

  2. Poor lions. It’s not big enough for them I bet. They must be so bored. It would be cruel to give them a live animal to chase and kill – for that animal. What to do. Just feeding them and giving them little space is awful.

  3. It’s just “marketing” the lions in a different way to attract visitors, at least the lions seem to have a bit of space to roam around in but no doubt somewhere there’s some bloke with a gun just in case one steps out of line. It would be fun to give the lions a can opener and then see who wants to stay and gawp at the captive animals 😉

  4. No Cat Utopia doesn’t exist, this world is all for people at the expense of animals!
    I’d love the people who cage wild animals and the ones who go to gawk at them to really be caged and have those animals free outside looking at them trapped in their captivity.
    Cat Utopia all cats would be free, no one messing with their breeding and all fully clawed.


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