California Leads In Cat Welfare in USA

California did it again. California has 8 cities where declawing is banned, the only places in the USA where it is banned, and now Senator Jeff Brown has done what former Governor Schwarzenegger refused to do which is to sign bill, SB 1229 into law which prohibits landlords demanding that prospective tenants declaw and/devocalize cats or devocalize dogs before signing up to a tenancy.

There you have it. Another step in the right direction in the battle to respect the cat and improve their welfare. I have to praise Governor Brown. He seems to be more enlightened than Schwarzenegger. He actually agreed several animal welfare bills all of which are now law. One concerned hunting bears with dogs. That is now banned.

When you think about it though it is a straight decision on common sense to ban such an obnoxious process. It is really shocking that this prohibition didn’t happen ages ago. What Governor Schwarzenegger was thinking when he refused to pass the bill heaven knows. There is obviously a lot of lobbying going on from people with commercial interests. What I mean is the damned vets hate to loss some form of income no matter where it comes from and no matter how immoral it is.

Well things are gradually changing. I would just like to see a speeded up process and the same sort of law in all the other states.

I would have thought that the new law will mean that standard tenancy agreements will be amended. There will be some downside somewhere for tenants such as increased deposits and more onerous conditions in the tenancy agreement that protect the landlord. We will wait and see.

However, there are millions of tenants in the UK who keep cats and dogs in let properties and none are declawed or devocalized. There never has been a real issue about this so US landlords should not start complaining.

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  1. I was very happy to hear that Governor Brown had signed that bill and surely this must be a good step forward for the anti declaw movement.
    Declaw vets can’t go on much longer denying that declawing is cruel although they are desperately trying to brainwash clients into thinking it is not. I saw a video the other day of a man totally convinced by his vet that ‘only’ the cats claws were removed (as if that wouldn’t be bad enough) so he had his cats declawed because he treasured his furniture!!!!
    I long for the day when declawing is banned worldwide.


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