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Calling Maine Coon owners. Show off your cat! — 18 Comments

  1. This the love of my life my Ozzie I adore him he is supposed to be Black but he is Black, Auburn and Grey. He is 5 in November, living with Calichi Virus and I love him lots 🙂

    • This one doesnt really show his coat I’ll try another. Michael I knoe you don’t want Ozzie overkill so please I don’t mind if you remove any of them 🙂

  2. This is NOT my Maine coon. I don’t think the friends he lives will mind my posting this snapshot.

    He’s about 2 years old. Look at those tufty toes.

    • OMG! My Ozzie has those tufts only not as big!! He has Black feet with Grey tufts I call them his ‘cotton toes’ I’ll post a pic in a min!

  3. This pic is my new kitten Hugo on my husband’s shoulder. He is such a climber. My dream is to make my backyard a “Cat Garden” with Purrfect fencing all around so the cats can enjoy the apple tree and be safe from coyotes.

    maine coon

  4. I am posting this photo of my JASON to add a little food for thought. Does anyone see any great big difference between him and a Maine Coon? Bear in mind the appearance of the Maine Coon is quite variable as breeders tweak the breed to suit their fancy.. Jason is a traditional Turkish Angora, you know, the ones in Turkey. He weighs 6.7 kg. and has another year to grow. Please don’t post this in any Maine Coon picture album. He ain’t one.

    • Jason is a beautiful cat. Yes, I see the similarity and the similarity to the Norwegian Forest Cat. I sometimes think that the Turkish Angora is the founding breed of all medium long haired and long haired cats. They come from the right place, the area around the Fertile Crescent.

      Jason is the kind of cat who would have ended up in Europe in the 1600s and been shipped to America to start the Maine Coon cat breed.

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