Can Cats See Ghosts Revisited?

By Elisa Black-Taylor

When I did the original article Can Cats See Ghosts back in 2011, I never dreamed it would receive the backlashing of comments from a simple photo of my cat Cocoa. I’ve included it in the collage, along with two new ones I’ve taken since the death of my beloved dog Dreyfuss.

I was criticized on the first article by Christians who told me it was dangerous to dabble into this subject. Not only that, I was also pounded by non-Christians who don’t like the fact I’m a Christian.

So I’m going to approach this new story in a different manner than the first. I apologize for it being a bit long, but it’s necessary since there are two events I want to tell the readers about. I have the photos to back them up. Then I hope some of you will be brave enough to share similar experiences.

Can cats see ghosts
Can cats see ghosts. Collage by Elisa.
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First of all, Laura and I really miss Dreyfuss. He was always either snoozing on the couch or in the middle of the kitchen floor. Since his death on September 6, we’ve had a few strange occurrences here at home. The first one was the night after his death when I heard his claws scraping on my bedroom floor. There was also food missing from his bowl until I told him ghost dogs don’t need to eat.


The event connected to that photo happened a few months back. Our cats Midnight and Brinkley were sitting in the living room floor staring into the kitchen. They sat there for the longest doing that. Finally they decided to go together into the kitchen. I had my camera in my hand and fired off a shot at them. The photo pictured is what showed up.

I didn’t even realize the photo possibly WAS a ghost orb until one of my friends commented on it once I put it online. I only posted it because it looked interesting. There were no lights on in the room that could have bounced off a reflection. The two cats were sitting under the feeding table approximately two feet from where Dreyfuss used to lay. In fact, that’s where he was laying that final day before I left for work.


The second photo I took was made back in March. I went into my bedroom to find Lucky laying on his favorite pillow. I keep it on my nightstand next to the urn from where I had Dreyfuss cremated. Let me add Lucky kept watch next to Dreyfuss that night after he died. Lucky lay by his covered body most of the night. He still sleeps next to his urn every night on the pillow I placed there to make him more comfortable.

The first photo I took of Lucky was normal. The orb showed up in the second one. I like to think Dreyfuss left a part of himself to watch over me while I sleep.


I’ve done some reading on how many people who have lost their cats are sometimes paid a visit by that cat. Some hear purring, while others feel their cat laying on their feet in the bed as they drift off to sleep. There are hundreds of cases like mine where the survivor of a pet is contacted in some way by their pet. Most call it comforting.

Cats are also known to have extra sharp senses that should make us mere humans envious. They hear better, see better and perhaps even sniff something out of the ordinary.

Many skeptics debunk orb photos as light bouncing off the ceiling. Which could happen except I was photographing Midnight and Brinkley in near total darkness while they sat under the table. And I didn’t have the overhead light in my bedroom on at the time of Lucky’s photo.

I also realize things that test universal laws and can’t be proven are considered impossible for the simple fact they can’t be proven. Whether a pet can come back in this manner can neither be proven nor can it be proven impossible. In other words, unless I have proof these photos are real and not doctored up, they will be considered by most to be fake. That’s just how it is.

I’d like to tell everyone here that I don’t have time to take fake photographs. I wanted to share these with my friends at PoC, and I really don’t care if anyone believes me or not. I know what happened and I made the photos. I did this article to let those of you who have experienced anything like this to know you aren’t alone in what happened to you. Yes, I got a few photos, and they make me feel a bit less insane for writing on this topic.

And I don’t want religion to enter into this article if at all possible. I believe cat afterlife and people afterlife are totally different. As Monty’s mom (Ruth) has written, animals are the true innocents. I’d like to believe they can come back to us. If not to stay, then to give comfort at times when we miss them most.


Pictured above is the collage I did of the three photos. The top left is the photo I made of Brinkley and Midnight under the feeding table in the kitchen. A flash was used in that one. The photo on the right shows Cocoa not long after his rescue. I had made two photos prior to that one. They can be seen on the other ghost article link above. I heard wings flapping just before making the photo with Cocoa. I thought a bird had somehow gotten in our home. I’m not positive, but it looks like a wing superimposed over the photo. The bottom photo of Lucky was made using my cell phone so no flash was involved. That’s the same photo. The one on the left is the original. I didn’t do any improvements to it such as contrast or lighting. The one on the right was adjusted for depth and darkness. See the “whatever” showing up in the middle of the photo.


Readers, do you believe these are ghost orbs? Have any of you ever had a strange experience after the death of a pet? Or am I the only crazy one on this website today? Are any of you brave enough to come forward and offer your own story? It’s a shame this isn’t Halloween, because the storyline would be great.


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  1. I’ve got similar photos for you that you can share here. Mine are also in a collage that I had put together over 15 years ago – to see them all in one for myself. It has always amazed me how this light appeared by this one cat and not others before him or since him.


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