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Capybara and Tabby Cat Picture — 14 Comments

  1. This is my photo. Apparently it has been edited to remove my logo. Reward you say? What could beat having a pet capybara?

  2. That is such a lovely picture, I too love to see different species of animals getting along together so well.
    Dorothy is so right ‘Animals can teach us so much. If only we could learn’

  3. Looks like a giant groundhog. Notice the cat in the photo is on a lead. That would be about the only explanation for the string I guess.

  4. Comment reply notification! Thank you! I really want to go back and comment on everyone else’s comments after I comment and I just don’t have the time. This will really help. thx

  5. I had to Pin this one (with POC credit) to Pinterest. It is just so fetching. I love the warmth, the love and the Capy’s snout reminds me of a (cows) calf’s snout. Love the pix.

  6. Beautifully written as usual Michael. The Capybara is so odd looking, the photograph almost looks cartoonish. But as we know, even a Gorilla can love and live in harmony with a cat. Thank you for always sharing this kind of relationship. I think it will help our species see the light.

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