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  1. Yes I’ve said many times that education is at the heart of cat welfare and I’ll probably still be saying it on my death bed. Ignorance can be excused but makes me very sad, where as deliberate cruelty makes me very angry.
    But lack of education isn’t totally to blame, all normal sane humans have the capacity to love and should have the intelligence to know that animals feel pain just as we do and that they have emotions too. Maybe an unwanted cat dumped at a Shelter doesn’t actually think ‘Why have they left me here, what will happen to me?’ because cats have no choice but to accept what fate deals out to them so they do accept it, but their fear and bewilderment must be great. From their home to a cage surrounded by other dumped cats and strangers caring for them, it doesn’t bear thinking about how that must feel.
    Cats are in the power of a kind caring person who understands them or an ignorant person who hasn’t bothered to find out how to treat them properly or a cruel person who likes to show their power by abusing them. I think anyone who relinquishes a cat for any reason other than death, severe disablement or having nowhere to live, was the wrong sort of person to have a cat. Cats are NOT possessions to be disposed of if a problem crops up, they are family and families stick together and work through their problems or troubles.
    My dream is that anyone wanting a pet must first prove they have the knowledge, committment and competence to care for that pet for his entire lifetime.
    Dream on Ruth ……………..

    • As usual I agree with you Ruth. There is a complete lack of will to rectify the problems that exist in the human/domestic cat relationship. The same problems repeat themselves over and over.

  2. To a citizen living in a developing country this research on American cat owners is interesting and not very surprising. “”PERSONAL INCOME” matters very much in any country, Third World or First World regarding the upkeep and maintenance of a pet.In India, income is not the main criteria for owning pets and many poor people on poverty level keep cats or dogs as companions. “STEREOTYPE PROFILING” is not 100% right in any survey and there are exceptions to the generality of the survey.I personally feel that many people abandon their cats for the simple reason that the cat behaves like a cat and not like a human!In India, cats are never euthanized and hence abandoned cats can lead a contended life on the streets or in markets where they act as natural scavengers.Ultimately, rich or poor, its a personal love for cats that makes the owner satisfied of owning a pet and not a status symbol pet or a toy.

    • Yes, Rudolph people don’t want a cat to behave like a cat all the time. When a cat behaves like a cat there can be a clash of personalities and culture. The domestic cat/human relationship works if people respect the cat for what he or she is not what we want them to be. It is up to us, people, to make the relationship work as cats will always behave instinctively and true to their wild cat heritage.

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