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  1. I totally get it. I know you wouldn’t overindulge him to the point it may be considered inappropriate. I’m wording stuff weird these days due to all the American Foundations reading. I need to respond in the language were taught in. It’s not normal, everyday language. I hope it leads to me being a writer over all, but I can’t help feeling I sound a bit pretentious. The pose is the best part of the article!

    • No problems. Charlie does strike this unusual pose. He does this because his back muscles are very strong because they have compensated for the lose of one foreleg.

  2. I think we all know that the behaviorist would say this is a bad thing to do, but there has to be some wiggle room here. You both have had a traumatic experience [I’m thinking his was a bit worse] and you SHOULD coddle him for a time. Just as long as he is not eating better than you eat. Maybe you can eat the same food for a while. He is such a handsome boy. Sure hope he is OK. Keep us updated.

    • I ration his chicken very carefully. He gets a bit from time to time. But other than that he is fed good quality wet cat food and a bit of dry for nighttime grazing.

      He does this position quite frequently to get noticed and to emphasis a point. If he is first ignored he stands like this when it is hard to ignore him.

      He sleeps next to me at night, all night. We keep each other warm in Siberian England.

      • It must be bad weather this winter Michael if it’s Siberian down your way too!
        When we open the door here up North at present, the wind just about takes our hair out at the roots lol
        Snowing again right now, our cats are not happy about it and not staying out long.

        • It is worrying. It’s the Gulf Stream that has been pushed south. Normally the warm sea of the Gulf Stream warms up the UK but some say global warming has melted the Arctic, which in turn has affected the Gulf Stream.

  3. I love the photo of the recovered Charlie enjoying his convalesence with his very own man servant to grant him his every wish. It always amazes me how quickly cats recover from illness or anaesthetic procedures, they don’t dwell on things, just get on with their lives.
    Yes I think Charlie and our boyz would get along well at a chicken party.
    Jozef sends Charlie a message to say ‘Don’t worry about your bald patch on your arm, I had mine shaved and a bit of my neck too at the vets not that long ago but it’s all grown back as beautiful as it ever was’

  4. Charlie looks well now, and his eyes look back to normal, so glad all was well. Good lad Charlie, you milk it for all you can, your dad owes you for taking you to the vet.

    • Well spotted. Yes, his eyes are back to normal. I was worried but that is just me being concerned about him. My vet is superb. You can see the pupils are narrow in the picture.

      He is definitely milking it. I have to pop down to Sainsbury’s to get some more chicken. Don’t worry, he won’t get too much. Just a bit to make him content.

      Did you notice how polite he is when asking for chicken. He is well brought up you know. Right posh 😉

      • Yes I noticed he remembered his manners and said please, he’s a good lad. Jozef and Walter would like me to tell you they think that there is no such thing as too much chicken and no such thing as a superb vet, though they’re a little biased there I suspect after their recent trip to see our (superb) vet which got them an injection each and put poor Walter on a bit of a diet.Charlie looks well, the photo is really good quality too.

        • If Charlie met Jozef and Walter, the conversation might go as follows:

          Charlie: “Hi, how do you do?

          Jozef and Walter in response: “Fine, thanks, nice to meet you.

          Charlie: “How about popping down to Sainsbury’s to get some cooked breast of chicken. It’s currently 2 for 1.

          Jozef: “Great idea, I’m starving. You onboard, Walter?

          Walter: “You bet!“.

          • Hmm, there might be a few cat-curses thrown in when the northern lads meet the southener, but I’m sure walter would drive them all to Sainsbury’s for the chicken in the end.

  5. Oh dear Sir Charlie. They did WHAT to you? Well, you look none the worse for the wear, but I say take advantage as long as you can while the big guy is still feeling so guilty. Best wishes for the problem being solved.

    What do you do about hair balls Michael?

    • He is Sir Charles of Barnes Common 😉 The op was highly undignified. He has me under his thumb at the moment. Now I think about it, it is pretty much all of the time.

      As to his dreaded hairballs, my charming vet (she is charming, really) kindly gave me a lubricant substance to put on his food. This should ease the passage of his hairballs if that is the cause. It is only my theory.

      The endoscope (camera device) did see a hairball in his intestine despite it being cleared out for the inspection.

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