kitten looking intently at camera while lying low in the grass

Intense Gaze of cat triggered by prey movement. Photo in public domain (believed)

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A typical kitten/cat pose. This charmer seems to be in a play/hunt mode. Lying low in the grass to hide and looking intensely at the camera indicates to me she is about to pounce or at least treating the camera as ‘prey’. The eyes are wide and alert.

The ground where this kitten is playing is not ideal for hunting! It is too open. Cats who are let outside and who try and hunt on open lawn become a bit confused and start swishing their tails from side to side along the ground. They want to attack but can’t find a place to conceal themselves close to the prey.

The tail swishing is a sign of indecision in the same way we bite our nails or fiddle with our hair – any manner of displacement behavior which makes the moment more comfortable.

This is a tabby and white kitten.