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Cat Behavior Time Lapse Videos — 7 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed the videos Michael never ceases to amaze me what can be acheived with todays technology. I loved the sky moving on the 2nd one and the cats ears on the first just never stopped!! Fab!

  2. These are beautiful to watch. I find my cats are almost always aware of what I am doing. There is usually only one time of day or night when they sleep heavily enough that I can be doing something and they know nothing about it. Alot of the time they just open there eyes and move their ears if I get up in the night to go to the bathroom – except Molly who demands cuddles at 2 am in the bath and nowhere else. I think they get some rest from this half sleep though, its kind of like meditating actually. Probably they have some kind of though process or images or dreams but they are not totally asleep. It
    s quite nice to do that sometimes as a human 🙂 – just to lie with your eyes closed and rest your brain a bit without going to sleep.

  3. Yes these videos are fascinating, cats don’t miss one single thing do they!
    I usually come off my computer around 6-6.30pm to spend a bit of time with our boyz before they go off on their evening stroll.
    Jozef seems to be fast asleep, head tucked away in the chair he loves, but the moment I close my computer down, even before getting up to unplug it he jumps out of his chair and runs across to me. Then I hear Walter coming downstairs from his snoozy place in Barbara’s computer chair and moments later she appears too.
    Sometimes our cats look at something we can’t see, which is a bit scary, they are so very sensitive and probably think we humans are quite stupid creatures at times lol

    • Obviously cats do sleep soundly but a lot of the time they look asleep they are not. Their ears are often alert to sounds. They can certainly pick up sounds better than me. When Charlie pricks his ears up I have neither heard nor seen anything.

  4. It is fascinating watching the cats in time lapse. Those radar ears are amazing. I often wonder how the cats don’t get bored with their long lounging habits. These videos show exactly why. They don’t miss a sound, or movement. It is like they are constantly participating in the world around them. The first cat spent more time looking inside the house than out the window. Interesting.

    Nice morning entertainment, thanks,

    • What interests me is that people say cats sleep for 14-18 hours a day. But are they really asleep as we define the word? I think this 14+ hours a day sleep is exaggerated because when Charlie sleeps on my bed at night he is not sleeping deeply. I can call him over or touch him and he immediately responds.

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