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  1. Interestingly enough there is a yearly dog award show that started a few years back. Working dogs are honored for their service to mankind. It’s really a cool idea and I love those dogs, but the Hollywood smoozie-type production loaded with the worst kind of lame jokes? Sorry, I sat through it last year and swore never again.

    I do not know of any feline related awards in the US. I am gonna keep an eye out. Maybe we should start our own. Make it a World Wide thing, just for cats. My moms cat Fluffy wokes up when she smelled the beginnings of and electrical fire. I’ve told her story before. A pet raccoon grabbed her by the neck and shook her when she was a kitten. Her large gray Manx father/older brothers came to her rescue. So she wasn’t able to meow over a slight throaty whisper. I have tears in my eyes as I recall her doing her best to meow her loudest. It came out as a loud version of her soft throaty whisper. I was right next to the wall that the fire was in. I touched it and got a slight burn. It was hot. We evacuated. My sister holder Fluffy tight as they put the fire out. Sadly, her Siamese son Tippy died in the fire from the smoke. No doubt about it. Fluffy saved our lives.

    I bet we all have a cat or two we can recommend for an award. I can think of the mother cat in New York that went and out of a burning building to rescue her six kittens. She was burned terribly. She and four of the kittens survived. She was the first cats to receive oxygen by a fire fighter that I heard of.

    Great story.

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