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Cat – Bread – Gun – Grozny — 5 Comments

  1. The cat looks quite at home there and unafraid. although he has a world weary look in his eyes and his fur looks a bit unkempt.

    • I agree – he has a look of sadness and exhaustion. It’s sad. I’m sure people are nice to them, especially because in war things are so different. I would imagine they really appreciate animals and try not to hurt them for the most part.

    • I am almost certain that most cats in Chechnya are like this cat: community cats with no real, single home. Just a socialised stray cat. He probably live outdoors most of the time.

  2. Very eerie, considering the nationality of the Boston ‘Marathon Bombers’. They did catch the kid that was on the loose. The neighborhood cheered as the SWAT team put their gear away. It was very moving.

    The cat in this photo looks healthy. I always look for face sores and scrapes. His ruff is either tan or dirty. It’s sad that the world is like that there, but the deserve freedom. I think the cat’s calm reaction proves that there are not any hostile feelings coming from the gun barer here. Otherwise, I think he wouldn’t be so docile. Heck, he’d probably get the heck out of there.

    BTW: My laptop died last weekend. I worked all week to get it up and running. The new operating system doesn’t support the function keys, so I can’t turn off the very sensitive touch pad. If you put any weight on the front of the laptop while typing strange things happen. So, I will be around a bit less until we get it worked out. I accidentally clicked an illicit Banner Ad that are all over Facebook. They have been there for two months and Facebook cannot get rid of them. It took the system down quickly. Very frustrating.

    So is that a homeless cat? Is it dirty? What do you think everyone?

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