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Cat Claws are a Veterinarian’s Resource — 3 Comments

  1. Brilliant article Michael!
    A lot of people take their dog to the vets for claw trimming so why not take their cats too? Yes vets could make money out of selling various scratching pads and posts, setting out a tempting display would encourage people to buy them.
    Our vets have recently started selling cat carriers, all colours and sizes and some real beauties, surely USA vets could do the same with scratching posts and pads, after the intitial outlay they would make a good profit.
    Bret Glass of KatAWhack makes wonderful cat furniture, they could stock up on that and earn commission from him for selling it.
    But no, they prefer to mutilate cats by declawing surgery, especially little kittens, they don’t have the cats welfare at heart they only think of the dollars they can make immediately and in the future.
    Are they frightened of getting scratched? I’ve read before about some vets and even vet techs saying a declawed cat is easier to handle,that they only have to watch out for getting bitten then, not scratched.

    • Thanks you Ruth for supporting this idea, which comes from Ruth (Monty’s mom) in America and myself. If vets look to profit all the time then I say they can make more if the resources (claws) are retained. Then, the income is renewable by having to do yearly and routine work. Declawing is and example of one of those typical human weaknesses: the search for instant, unsustainable profit without a single regard to the long term consequences and ethics/morality.

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