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Cat Drinking and Peeing A Lot — 1 Comment

  1. All the medical conditions described in this article are pretty much exactly the same for humans. I had to memorize all this stuff to get licensed to work in physical therapy– polyuria, polydipsia– I remember studying those terms and their significance. Humans and cats aren’t really all that different on a basic level. The same organs are present with the same susceptibility to things like diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism and URI’s. When you think of it that way, people acting like animal abuse is no big deal because it’s “just an animal” are way off base. Animals are remarkably similar to us. It stands to reason that they experience these diseases in the same way humans would, with the same discomfort and loss of function. Therefore, they must experience pain in the same ways we do. We know too much today about anatomy and physiology of both animals and humans to make that claim that “it’s just an animal” or to try to pretend that animals don’t experience fear and pain in the same way we do.

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