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Cat Food Facts For Kids — 3 Comments

  1. I wish more had been said about what to look for on labels by enlarging them online, and how important the first few ingredients are. And things to avoid like corn, wheat, rice, potato. How to recognize cheap filler ingredients. And the reason cats may like dry food is because of an addictive substance that sprayed on it, like sugar is on some cereals. Also, that dry food doesn’t clean teeth.

    I also wish there had been some website references to places like: http://www.CatInfo.org,
    http://www.TruthAboutPetFood.com and other sites that have well researched cat food information. The sooner we get the truth to the youngsters, the healthier our cats and dogs will be.

    And of course I wish there wasn’t a recommendation for Hill’s products, which are really not healthy foods, as we can tell by the labels.

    We need to teach children to question authority in every field, so they can grow up to be thinking adults, who take responsibility for their choices, rather than look to big corporations to look out for their health and that of their pets.

    Something could be said about recalls, and some of the reasons for them.

    I don’t know how many children read this part on your site, and wonder if any adults do. I was interested to know, so I checked it out.

    • Hi Sandra. The reason why your comment was held up is because it contained 2 links. The software though it was spam as spam comments contain links.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take on-board what you suggest but the article is meant to be mainstream and not too provocative. This is partly because it is written for kids. If I start getting into complicated areas it becomes impossible to explain it in simple English. Some topics can be too complicated for young kids.

      Also links to other websites in a page like this doesn’t really work because the kid is being directed to a page written for adults by a vet (catinfo.com) so you have to be a fairly switched on adult to understand it well.

      One problem with reading cat food labels is that you have to explain how to convert to ‘dry food basis’. This is tricky to comprehend even for many adults and it requires some maths. A lot of adults never mind kids are at simple maths. This is one reason why I avoided the subject and stuck to mainstream non-provocative subjects.

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