Cat Hunters Association Fitted T-Shirt

I am surprised that sell Cat Hunters Association Fitted T-Shirts. Cafepress is a large, well established website business, which allows subscribers to sell personalized products that can be made up as ordered. It is like an online shop for anyone. The subscriber provides the designs and Cafepress provides the product such as T-shirt, mug, clock etc. and makes up the product to order. These are standard products [link to Cafepress page – new window/tab]

Cafepress cat hunters association t-shirts

Cafepress cat hunters association t-shirts

I would have thought that shooting a cat is automatically a form of cat cruelty and illegal. This is because there has to be some pain involved even if the cat dies quickly. Causing unnecessary suffering is animal cruelty and a crime in civilized society. Often the cat will be wounded etc. Remember the cause of the pain has to be unnecessary because it is for the hunter’s pleasure.

Taking Texas, a republican state with lots of guns, even there it is illegal to shoot a cat on most occasions (all occasions?).  I say “most occasions” as the law is not entirely clear to me. The law needs to be tightened up I feel. See some animal welfare law for a selection of US states.

What is clear is that even in Texas if a person shots and kills someone else’s cat that is wandering outdoors, it is a crime. This must happen because cat shooters shoot cats first and ask questions later.

Texas law – Offence

(b) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(1) tortures an animal or in a cruel manner kills or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(2) without the owner’s effective consent, kills, administers poison to, or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

So, Cafepress is promoting illegal activity, it appears. At the very least it is endorsing distasteful, and many people would say immoral, activity in selling these sick T-shirts.

I am also surprised to see that an organization such the Cat Hunters Association actual exists (or is it some sort of spoof?). It seems to be real, although they don’t have a website. Not surprising as it would be illegal, I would have thought. But to be selling products like this so brazenly out in the open would indicate that they feel immune to prosecution.

It almost seems as though shooting cats is de facto legal. It appears that in respect of shooting cats the law is unenforced and when that happens illegal activity is endorsed by the establishment, which is the opposite to the law maker’s intentions.

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  1. To be more precise these t-shirts are designed by Mojo Designs. They have alot of other politically inflammatory stuff on the left column of the same page. They are definitely going for a pointless Vice magazine type nonsense, whatever they think can get an incredibly cheap laugh. This is the lowest sort of humor out there.

    • I think they totally are. You would expect them to think about what they are selling. But the worst thing is that they must have. Some person in some department decided it was a good idea to try and sell this design to make money. Disgusting. It really is total stupidity.

  2. How awful, why do people have to be so cruel. No one has the right to decide that another creature’s life should end, not only causing pain and fear to the cat but misery and bereavement and loss of trust in humankind to the cat’s family. It stinks, why on earth are these t shirts allowed to be sold on such a well known site.

  3. I wonder how well those t shirts sell. It might be an idea to try and find out how long they have been available and how many sell. I guess pretending to be a cat hater who loves the shirt would be the right way to obtain that information. Seriously, no other country in the world has a minority of people that sportively and yet hatefully kill cats and have such a disdain for them. In England I have never heard of cat hatred and wanton destruction, nor in any other country except perhaps Australia and maybe Canada – the newer westernised countries basically. Personally I think if you give a white man too much space, cheap stuff, toys, land, guns, pickup trucks and so on he can become the worst, most dangerous and destructive living thing on this planet. And worst of all is that he can afford to have a whole bunch of offspring to carry on his stupid white man in the wild west ways. These big white men probably have the biggest carbon footprint too using tons of energy for all those gas powered toys and trucks and air conditioning. This white man who has gone to these new countries and spread out like this is what is going to kill this planet. Without moderation we will always suffer the intolerance of those who take up the most space and act like they own it. Shooting cats is a small part of this. In Europe we’re all too squeezed up in our crowded little countries to even be able to get like this – thank god, because there’s just be more destruction than there already is. The average house size in Australia or Canada or the US is probably 3 or more times the size of most of the rest of the world.

    I conclude that cat killing is a side effect of the American dream/Australian/Canadian way of life in the conquered colonized taken lands of the world. How did there end up being so many cats to kill in the first place….

  4. All cat lovers need to boycott Cafepress and spread the word to everyone they know.
    I’ll be sharing this article on facebook.

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