Cat Interruptions

Do you suffer from cat interruptions? Does your cat sit on your computer while you are working? Or on your newspaper while you are reading it. Or perhaps he starts talking to you, loudly, when you are on the phone. These could be described as cat interruptions.

What is the reason?


There are probably two or three reasons:

  1. The computer is warm. Cats like to be on or near warm objects.
  2. You are on the computer and he wants to be near you. The computer might be in the way. For a cat it is just an inconvenience.
  3. I find that my cat actually quite likes hard surfaces sticking into him. For example he will put his bum next a sharp edge of the computer. It looks uncomfortable to me. Or he will lie across cables. He likes lying on cables.

There is something happening if he likes lying on lumpy surfaces. Something in the wild cat ancestry. It might just simply be that cats in the wild lie on rough surfaces. Humans like smooth, soft surfaces. Domestic cats like both and are more tolerant in my opinion of certain kinds of lumpy surfaces or like them.

It is said that cats want to get your attention. So sitting on a newspaper that you are reading is a way of stopping you reading and interacting with him instead.

I am not convinced about that theory.


The main reasons why cats sit on your newspaper while you are reading it is:

  1. They don’t recognise that you are reading it and
  2. It provides insulation and is therefore warm.
  3. You are close by and he wants to be near you.

It may be he sits on a book or documents. It is all the same.

Cat Interruptions
Cat Interruptions. Collage by Michael from a photo by psyberartist
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As for the phone, your cat will hear your voice and think you are talking to him. He will respond if he is used to having a conversation with you. My cat does this. If I am in one room talking and he is in another, he will shout out to me and eventually come into the room and join in.

It may be the case that your cat responds better and interrupts you more when you are talking to someone you know. Your voice is likely to sound more gentle and be similar to the voice you use when talking to your cat.

A cat who interrupts your phone call is not after your attention in my opinion. He thinks you are after attention from him!

What kind of interruptions do you have to deal with?

12 thoughts on “Cat Interruptions”

  1. As cat lovers/rescuers/helper for over 50+ yrs, we have had an assortment of colors/personalities as well as quirks, the most memorable was a pure bred male Russian Blue. He loved to take showers with my husband. If he found an open window to a car truck he’d sneak in for a long nap scaring driver/owner out of wits. Hated large dogs but was terrified of black birds. If his drinking water wasn’t fresh he would just dump it. Sadly late October 1988 lost him due to kidney failure, we could not watch him going thru so much pain. Euthanasia. Keke was one very loving unusual cat.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

    • He sounds very special. Unusual for a cat, other than wild cat hybrid to like showers! Savannahs like showers but he is the first purebred non wild cat hybrid I know of who liked showers. You still remember him fondly after all these years. I am the same about my lost cats. I have some very bright images in my head about them as if it were yesterday.

  2. When I brush my teeth they are in the sink so then I lift the loo seat and spit my toothpaste out in there, so I’ve used the loo as a sink, but never the sink as a loo – not a bad idea lol 🙂

      • I’m scared of them consuming tiny amounts of toothpaste if I spit it down the drain right between them whilst they are playing with the water coming from the tap. As soon as I spit toothpaste down the drain, of course it all doesn’t go down immediatley and they sniff it right away and could easily lick it. I have a feeling that toothpaste is one of the things that would be not so good for a cat. It’s very strong stuff actually and I wouldn’t want them to swallow it.

  3. When I pee in the toilet I have between one and 3 cats peering over the edge of the toilet bowl, sometimes trying to grab at it before it lands – meanwhile I have to make sure to get it between them. Forgive the graphic-ness but it’s absolutely true. They pretty much have to touch or sniff anything I am doing and will often be between me and it. They like to grab my shoe laces when I am trying to tie them. They love to jump in the fridge before I can close it and then just sit there. I have tried closing it for 10seconds to see if it will encourage them to get out but it doesn’t work in the slightest. I open the door and they just look at me like nothing special is happening. I have to tickle them to get them to jump out. They love to sit on my laptop but I usually take them right off so they don’t try it on so much anymore. I can’t make a bed so I dont try anymore. Moveing sheets around is game on for them. No point in trying. You will end up with a semi made bed with 2 cats polaying under the sheets. If I open a drawer they are in the drawer. I open and close things very quickly in my house 🙂 otherwise I have to leave them open till they decide to get out. Doing the litter box duties means suddenly having 3 cats who desperately need to go for a number 2 in the box the second I start scooping. I have to shoo them out and scoop at the same time. These are the quirks of having indoor cats. They follow you everywhere and play with everything. If they could go outside – and I know this from experience – they do many of the same things, or even all, but just not constantly every time since they have other things to do as well, outside, so they can’t do everything always 🙂 Turning on the tap, obviously, is a favourite. Molly has started pulling the plug out of the bath or sink and then hiding it somewhere in the apartment. I now have an iron heavy frying pan in my bathroom sink so she cant get at the drain plug. If she removes it then she will grab things off the shelf above and end up dropping them down the drain. I found a razor wedged down the drain not long ago – which is when I decided to take action and use the frying pan. Mind you, stepping on a metal sink plug in the night can be pretty painful but I have learned to look out for those things. They like to tear paper so any bills left lying on tables get shredded. Same goes for toilet roll. I have that up high away from them. Plastic bags must be out of reach. In one day there are more interruptions than I could possible count.

    I think the cat in the picture is saying – “look, see, I’m famous on the internet, now stop this nonsense and look at me, and anyway, papers are for lying, not looking you imbecile” 🙂

    • You have created cat heaven. No question about it. I think we are going to have to give you some sort of award 😉 Having a pee looks like a really big challenge in your place. Try doing it in the kitchen sink instead 😉 Obviously you live in home with a mess of a bed, where you are constantly bursting to go to the loo and the happiest cats in Switzerland.

  4. Here is another quote from the cat for the bubble. “Why are you looking at other cat pictures on the Internet when I am right here!”

    Bigfoot inturrupts a deep sleep. Pretty consistently. Otherwise, if he tries to get my attention it is always for a good reason, he lets me know when the litter is soiled, also when he has thrown up. If he just wants me up to pet him a while, the meow is more like a caterwaul!

    Marvin is just pure interruption when he is around. Period. But I like it.

    Yellow and shadow never inturrupt anything unless they want food. It is a very quiet and cute interruption. Both sitting at the glass door peering in. Sometimes I “choose” to be interrupted by them when they are frolicking like cats and I can see them through the back window. Such entertainment!

    I guess I can’t really call any of those interruptions, as they are my pleasure! Well, maybe not the sleeping part.

    • Nice one. I think you are saying that the cat demands attention, which is what some experts say is happening. Do you get as little sleep as me 🙂 I have locked the cat flap (door) and he now asks me to let him out. Charlie learned fast to ask to be let out. The thing is it can be anytime of the day and night! Help.


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