Cat Irons Out Dog’s Monopoly

Since time immemorial the dog has monopolised the Monopoly board. Equality with the dog was long overdue. Finally, the cat has replaced the iron as a Monopoly token and joined the Scottie dog. This little niggle has been a thorn in the side of all cat lovers for generations!

Cat Monopoly Token
Cat Monopoly Token
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What is so charming, and good for the cat – especially after the recent Smithsonian Institute distortions about cat killing wildlife – is that the cat as a Monopoly token was voted on by thousands of international Monopoly fans from 120 countries. Surely this proves the popularity of the domestic cat all over the world?

The fans had a choice of:

  1. cat
  2. robot
  3. guitar
  4. helicopter
  5. diamond

The cat polled 31% of the votes. The iron was voted off the board, ahead of the boot and wheelbarrow. Other than the cat, the tokens now are:

  1. racing car
  2. Scottie dog
  3. thimble
  4. top hat
  5. battleship

This clever promotional idea was dreamed up by the game’s manufacturers, Hasbro. The votes took place on Facebook (10,286,812 likes!). Hasbro’s spokesman, Eric Nyman, was pleased with the winning choice and expects the new cat token to become iconic.

Now, where is my 1960s Monopoly board….

8 thoughts on “Cat Irons Out Dog’s Monopoly”

  1. Thank you, Michael, for the good news! Next, maybe they will replace the racing car or battleship with a robin hoping to peck a worm (peck peck peck–all the way around the board…peck peck peck. Got one!) or maybe an owl? that can from time-to-time swoop down on the Scotty and the Cat. Game over, they can all go for a ride ’round the board in the wheelbarrow…whee! 🙂

  2. Imagine if he was called Eric Nyan. I never knew monopoly had over 10 million fans on Facebook. All I remember was fake money and little houses and a jail on the corner. Those icons are the big corporations and the world is the monopoly board.

  3. Yes good news the cat won. Cats Protection promoted voting for the cat because it’s all good publicity for their charity, cat lovers are all very happy about the result.


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