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Cat Keeps Vomiting On Two Year Old Child — 14 Comments

  1. My ragdoll cat 11 years old and in the last month he has started defecating on the bed and furniture and will do it right in front of you. tying to figure out why?? I keep the liter box cleaned daily and sometimes twice a day and nothing has changed around the house Please help me with any suggestions

    • This is due to stress for one reason or another. It may be another cat or it may be a person in the house or you are away too much for too long (separation anxiety). Your cat is marking territory, particularly territory that belongs to the humans of the house to restate his/her claim to it and to feel more comfortable. Marking territory with urine or feces reassures a cat because it smells of them.

      Be around more, check for causes of stress. Plenty of play, cuddles, calm and routine plus all the things cats like should fix it. Be honest about what might be causing anxiety and stress in your cat.

  2. Yes. It does sound bogus, but for the sake of it being real, is it possible that the cat when the child was still drinking milk from a bottle or nursing, and the baby would throw up…the cat would smell it and lick it up, thus still looking after this conditioning to do this? The child has been weened, and is now old enough to use his limbs with dexterity to push the cat away???

    I know nothing. :_

  3. Heh. Just to add my vote. Before reading the comments I thought “This sounds bogus”. Evidently others agree.

  4. I don’t believe any of this, a cat wouldn’t go up to a child who kept pushing her away, she’d avoid the child.
    Stress can cause cats to vomit, it’s more likely the child is going up to the cat and pestering her when she’s eating or shortly after and the poor cat hasn’t chance to digest her food.
    It seems to me an attention seeking question, maybe the carer wants an excuse to get rid of the cat.

  5. Frankly I find it hard to believe this story of a cat puking on a child like pressing a button. I think the details of this are mangled and modified for some reason. If this is really what happens then simply teach the child not to push the cat away or keep the child and cat apart.

  6. I observed one cat hack up a hairball onto another cat at The Cat Network. The cats were both on the cat tree by the window. The cat on the higher perch started retching and pretty soon, well, you get the picture. The volunteer at the shelter said she’s seen that happen before.

    It’s sort of like how Monty will puke up a hairball on the carpet when the tile floor of the kitchen is an inch away. Or he’ll do it six inches from his litter box. My husband asks why Monty can’t be trained to puke on places other than the carpet. He doesn’t poop and pee on the carpet. I just don’t think it is possible. I don’t think cats think about it that way. When something has to be regurgitated it just needs to come up and it’s coming up and that’s all there is to it, and they don’t really think about where they are doing it.

    To punish a cat for puking is abuse. Cats throw up. Cats throw up wherever and whenever. I agree, if it’s happening a lot, a vet should be consulted.

    • Great. Thanks for your input Ruth. Appreciated. Bottom line this is a cat who throws up from time to time. It may nothing important, and there again, it may be a health matter. A vet will sort that out.

    • To PUNISH a Cat, whether a Tiger or a domestic, is totally uncalled for. The only conditioning that we respond to is positive reinforcement. why should we expect anything less…from a cat.

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