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Cat Longevity — 7 Comments

  1. My first cat “Trixie” , an “Albino/Siamese mix which i happened to adopt from a pet shop in a dying condition lived with us for 12 years .Tragically, the last one year of her life was miserable due to cancer.Hope my present two traditional Persian cats be my non-human companion for many years.The female Matahari is 6 years old while her kitten tomcat mata is 4 years old.

    • I would expect your cats to live long because they are well cared for and traditional Persians which are healthier than contemporary Persians. There is a very high incidence of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in Persians in the West at about 35%. This is serious disease which must reduce life expectancy. I wonder if the same problem exists in India?

      • Michael,years ago sometime in 2007 i did voluntary free social service of occasionally visiting the “S.P.C.A Hospital(Parel)” in Mumbai to walk the stray dogs undergoing free medical treatment at the hospital.During that time i interacted with and met various pet owners including a few cat owners. I should say that “Polycystic Disease(PKD)” was the common disease that effected most cats brought to the hospital,the owners complaining that their cats had difficulty in urinating. I distinctly remember a traditional Persian cat brought to the hospital by its owner for kidney disease as this breed was a rarity among cat owners in Mumbai.Today in 2013 Traditional Persian cats are quite common amongst pet owners in Mumbai and i am not sure if most of this breed is still susceptible to “PKD” disease since i don’t regularly visit Vet clinics or the hospital.

        • Interesting to me Rudolph because it indicates that PKD affects Persians worldwide. That might mean the disease originates from long ago. I might try and check that out. Thanks.

  2. We can only do our best to ensure our cats have long healthy lives but sometimes fate steps in. We lost Alice at only 3 years old as she had brain lesions. I think this was caused by the dog who killed her mother and siblings and injured her as a kitten. We lost Popsy at 5 years old due to a serious chest complaint I think was caused by her bad treatment as a kitten.
    Once kittens/cats come into our care we do our best to keep them healthy but we can’t change the effects of their past.
    It’s just the same with people really, some of us live long lives, some even with healthy lifestyles die young, it’s fate!

  3. I hope my cats live for a very long time. Then they won’t hold it against me that I kept them locked up and safe for the first 5 years of their lives. 🙂

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