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  1. That’s what some people don’t realise. Yes it’s an awful world for some humans but it is for some animals too and they are the innocent ones and they need us to care about them.

  2. That’s awful Babz! I always feel sorry for dogs getting yanked along and for horses too when they’ve got to pull those cart things with great big men in.

    • Oh yes, there were some ponies with hawkers on their backs clip clopping backwards and forwards along Church Street today among the traffic, the way they make them gallop and the sound of their shoes on the road makes me just expect one to slip and fall at any time. It’s an awful world for some animals 🙁

  3. Since I posted my previous comment this morning, I saw something that made me sad while walking home from work. A small girl of about 3 years had a little brown dog on a harness and lead, it only looked young and she was dragging it about while her mother stood talking to another woman. She dragged the poor thing so hard it’s legs wouldn’t keep up and it lost it’s footing and fell down and while it was down she kicked it, the mother either didn’t notice or took no notice because this is the behaviour she condones and expects from her child. I was too far away to intervene and probably would have been too cowardly anyway. The child obviously thinks it ok to kick the dog, she hasn’t been stopped. Poor dog.

  4. Oh Ruth I LOVE your poster,yes it made me laugh too Micheal poor Mr Grey lol
    I’m most definately a cat lover,I have fostered dogs for a while as I got roped in but my last 2 are going to their new home soon and I can blisfully enjoy my cats.
    Looking after dogs is a chore,cats are a pleasure.
    What on earth is that stupid person on about,dogs using litter trays,being shut in the bathroom,what a way to treat them,then comes telling us how proud she is,I pity those poor dogs is all I can say.

    • i’m glad i’m not the only one that picked up on that,but the dogs did’nt use the litter trays,but instead used the shower….does anybody know what the dogs used to bury their poop??

      • My comment was that they could be trained to use a litterbox. My dogs are not. I take them out every few hours so they can do their thing and get fresh air. My dogs have never had the need to potty indoors. Small dogs can use litter and my dogs were in the bathroom as a safe roomy containment while we tended to something urgent. I assure you my dogs were well taken care of and I am not stupid.

  5. Great poster and article as always Ruth. As everyone at POC knows I also love cats, and I prefer cats to dogs any day, the only thing I miss about having a dog, and only on a sunny day on a weekend, is having a four legged companion to go for a walk with. But on working days and cold, wet and windy days I rejoice in opening the window and letting our boys out into the garden :-)The thing that really annoys me even more than barking or pooping dogs is when I see people walking dogs on a lead that is too short and the poor animal’s head is at an unnatural angle as it walks along, and those people who yank on the lead to bring the dog to heel. How would they feel having something around their necks that can be used to control them and drag them along, sometimes pulling them almost off their feet? This is one of the reasons I don’t think I’ll ever have a dog again, these days I really feel bad about having that sort of power over an animal. The expression “it’s a dog’s life” is so true for some unfortunate dogs.

    As for cats clawing anyone to death, what a silly and childish expression, and as for the dogs belonging to the silly and childish person who posted the comment I think the way they were left/abandoned would have interested the authorities.

  6. thank’s Ruth you made me laugh again.I can’t believe that somebody would actually take their dogs poop and bag it just to swing it up into a tree!!!! WOW that is lazy and disgusting.oh yeah,I forgot about the dog my parents had that used to try to hump everybodys leg when ever we had company over.I’ve never seen a cat do that.A male cat knows the differance between a human leg and a female cat and that is as far as it goes.but most cat parents are responsable enough to have their cats neutered and spayed.

    • lol Kevin you reminded me of a dog in our street when we were kids, he was called Kim, he’d go like the clappers on anyone’s leg he could! He used to knock us over in his desperation.
      No cats never do that!
      Yes honestly that woman did that, mind if you saw her you wouldn’t wonder, nose stud and leggings that look like she only changes every 6 months and she’s in her 60s! She wants to talk ‘dog’ with anyone she can stop, if I see her up the street I hide, she’s so awful and it’s so funny seeing other people trying to get away from her.
      I love talking ‘cat’ with others choosing their cat food in the Supermarket, cat people are my favourites.

  7. Cats are sensitive to and respect your space. Some dogs do too but really a lot of them don’t respect your personal space. Older dogs and some calm dogs are really great to be with and those are the dogs who get on well with cats. The ones who don’t bark too much every time the doorbell rings. Dogs are incredibly sweet but equally as dependant so you have to love the job if you want a dog. Alot of people don’t like barking because it makes them nervous or scares them and sometimes people with dogs dont get that their dog is not easy for others. That the neighbours on the street didn’t plan on buying a house with an annoying soundtrack – these are the points of discontent between people and dogs. With cats its usually digging holes in flowerbeds and pooping in them if anything at all.

    • Yes Marc those people with the yapping dog actually had him forced on them because the person who took him to them as a puppy said he would be PTS if they didn’t take him. They already had one dog but how could they refuse that blackmail?
      They are lovely people and it’s live and let live with us, as what can they do, they’ve got him now for his lifetime.
      Like I said above, cats using other peoples flowerbeds is the caretaker’s fault, not the cats.
      I do love dogs and know the names of and speak to all in our neighbourhood but I’d never want to share a home with one again, since having cats there’s no contest, I love cats most.

      • Me too – I couldn’t handle living with a dog. Its a character thing and I am just not built for it. I get very nervous with the barking and can’t think straight. I also don’t think they have very nice lives if they live in the city and are walked once or twice a day. A dog needs so much more. They are incredibly needy. They do well on farms I believe.

  8. ruth,thank you for mentioning me!! I enjoyed your article-VERY TRUE.when I was growing up,my parents were dog only people.It was’nt until I moved out and into my own place that I adopted a cat.what a pleasant differance when it came to taking care of a cat vs. dog….come to think of it my cat mostly took care of himself.have you ever “been clawed to death” by a cat? I have’nt.and you forgot to mention,I don’t know if it is just me,but I can’t walk 1/4 mile down my street without being barked at by atleast 3 different dogs.

    • Hi Kevin, no I’ve never been clawed to death in all the years I’ve lived with, worked with and volunteered with cats.
      That’s the stupidest things dog lovers can think of to say if they don’t like cats too.
      Yes I did forget to mention about dogs barking at people passing, thanks Kevin, we too have dogs who do that and dogs their owners are taking out snarling and barking at other dogs.
      Worse than that, although we have a law here in the UK that people must clean up after their dogs and bins are provided to put it in, some dog people ignore it and leave it for others to tread in and in places children play too.
      One day I saw from my bedroom window a woman pick up her dogs poo in a bag, look furtively around and then swing the bag and throw it up in a tree!!!! The bin was only yards away. It hung there for weeks.
      Then they have the nerve to say cats are dirty, well I’ve never known a cat who doesn’t bury his poo. If it’s in someone else’s flower bed then it’s his caretaker’s fault for not keeping a toilet area in his own garden ready for the cat to use.

      • ruth,do you think that it is cruel to keep a cat indoors only.I don’t let my cat out because I know indoor cats live longer lives.I live near a busy street.

        • No it’s not cruel Kevin, if it’s dangerous outside where you live, it’s sensible. Just make inside as natural as you can to make up for outside. High places to sit (to replace trees) grow kitty grass (to replace the grass cats love to nibble outdoors) Lots of fun and games (to replace being unable to hunt as cats love to do)
          If you can have a window open but locked safely for fresh air coming in it’s the best you can do for indoor only cats if you can’t build a cat run.
          We are lucky that we live in a cat friendly safe place, it’s a much more natural and fulfilled life for cats to be able to go out, but it’s too dangerous in many places these days, sad but that’s the way the world is now.

          • I have done all of them thinge already,except for the cat run.I do take my cat out using a leash and harness out in the back yard a couple times a week.

            • Kevin I am in exactly the same situation as you. Last year my cat died on the road and I have now decided to keep the others indoors until I move away from the busy street area I am currently in.

              It has been very hard to adapt to indoor life. I know it’s not ideal and its hard for the cats but I don’t feel I have much choice. I am going to build an enclosure on my balcony now the weather has finally improved. I hope that is going to help. They are having a hard time of it at the moment I think. Its hard for them to be in all the time. Eventually I am going to move where its safer for them to go out.

              • My first cat that I had died out on the street where I lived in 1999,but the real sad part about it was that,on a nice spring day in late march I decided to take him to a park about 3 miles from where I lived.I was walking him with only a leash and no harness.all was going well until I stepped on a tree branch.the branch snapped under my foot and spooked my cat(rinklee).he managed to break free of the leash and ran off.I spent days going back to that park and called his name,put “lost cat” posters all over the place and did everything I could.I even bagged his used cat litter and walked back to the park,made a small hole in the bag and made a fine trail of his used cat litter all the way back home.about 6 months later I found him dead in the road right in front of the home I was living at.he had been hit and killed by a car.I’m not sure why he didn’t come back to my door,but instead chose to live outdoors,but right near my home..he was a black cat and I never saw him alive again.it was so sad to have to pick him up off of the street and bury him.at his age of death he was only 2 years old.I am now terrified of letting a cat out without a proper leash AND harness.

            • Kevin that is a very sad story. To think he was living nearby for 6 months. I wonder why too – why he didn’t come to the door. That must have been a real shock to see him again in the road like that. My cat was just over a year old when he was hit. I am not over it – it hasn’t even been a year since it happened. I understand having to keep them inside.

              • yes,i still don’t understsnd why he did’nt just come back to my door? he was neutered,very well behaved and I gave him the best care that I could.he was a healthy cat! when I first brought him home,I was able to hold him in the palm of my hand.he was my son.I did not have anybody living with me at that time,it was just me and my kitty.it was a stress free enviornment.?????????????

  9. mariah,I have one question.if the dogs were able to be trained to use a litter box,why did they go potty in the tub.oh yeah,what did they use to bury the poop?

  10. I like small dogs. You can train them to use a litterbox and they sleep on you without clawing you to death. My dogs had to be kept in the bathroom for a few days because my mother was giving birth and we had nobody to take care of them. So we put a blanket in there with a big bowl of food and left the shower open and the tap on a bit just in case they ran out of water and when we came home they had used the shower for the potty. I was so proud. My dogs are clean animals.

    • ….and they sleep on you without clawing you to death

      This bit of your comment is totally misleading. Cats don’t claw you to death when they sleep on a you. If you believe this you need a bit of education on the behaviour of the domestic cat and how to look after them – sorry.

        • It’s a wonderful feeling when a cat kneads on you, it doesn’t hurt in the least if you put a blanket or towel there for them to knead on, a cat kneads when he is happy and content and those of us who love cats, love them to be happy.
          Anyone who doesn’t get to know cats is missing out on such a lot and once someone starts understanding cats, they are converted for life.
          There’s no need for a war between cat lovers and dog lovers, this was a fun article about it and about ‘live and let live’
          I fight for animals of ALL kinds all the world over because they are ALL innocent victims of humans, it’s heartbreaking and hard fighting abuse and my consolation is the love of our own cats and the sharing here on PoC with other cat lovers.

          • It’s a wonderful feeling when a cat kneads on you,

            Absolutely. It is a privilege. Your cat is treating you as a mother. Cat owners should be happy with that. Very happy. Thanks Ruth for saying that. Unfortunately, many cat owners see it as a “cat behavior problem”. Odd.

            • Yes Michael, just like they see scratching as a behavioural problem too, not as a natural and essential part of the cat’s health and well being.

    • You don’t seem to realise how unkind keeping your dogs in a bathroom for a few days was, one bowl of food to last for days, no exercise, of course they pood in the shower, where else could the poor things do it?
      If your mother was giving birth, she must have been pregnant for a while so you had plenty of time to arrange for the proper care of your dogs.
      As for cats clawing you to death, cats only use their claws if they are hurt or threatened. I’ve never ever known a cat claw anyone to death, that is the stupid type of thing ignorant people like you say which causes people who should not be allowed anywhere near a cat, to have their cats toe ends chopped off as kittens and cripple them for life.
      You need to grow up Mariah before you come making any more ridiculous comments like you have here on PoC.

      • Again, cats knead. The bathroom was a safe enclosure. I was proud they pood in the shower. I don’t condone declawing but would adopt an already declawed cat.

        • Mariah a declawed cat is a crippled cat and can develop many mental and physical problems because of that cruel operation, if you adopt a declawed cat you need to be prepared for the heartache of watching the cat unable to do what cats do, unable to dig their claws in to exercise as cats need to, to jump and balance, to groom properly, to grab a toy to play with. You trim your dogs claws surely, it’s as easy to trim cats claws too. Yes far easier to have a vet amputate a cat’s toe ends but imagine the outcry if vets declawed dogs too! Yet cats feel pain as much as dogs do.
          Almost all declawed cats develop painful arthritis as they age, if you love dogs you must at least feel for other animals, so please HELP US stop this abuse of cats.

  11. I really, really love your poster. It reminded me why I love cats and like dogs. It made laugh, actually. Cats are more unassuming and less in-your-face. They are quieter and just there, reliably.

    I love all animals and the cat gives me the chance to live with one, or two.

    Thanks for the post Ruth.

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