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  1. Oh yes I do agree with the general idea behind your post Michael, we cat lovers must forget our differences for the good of our cause which is making this a better world for all cats.
    I do understand too why you eat chicken, being the same generation as you, as a child I’d never even heard of vegetarians, we were brought up to eat everything we were given and told how lucky we were that we were too young to remember the hungry years of WW2.
    I get made to feel guilty for not being vegan and get pressured to do it from vegan pals but I honestly feel it’s a step too far at my age, I’m no saint, only a human being and in my opinion we can only do what we can and think that every little thing we can do helps. It’s no good making our lives a misery denying ourselves to the point where we get no enjoyment out of life and lets face it, doing so wouldn’t be enough to stop all the abuse going on. Every single person would have to do the same to stop that and that’s never going to happen is it !

    • Ruth, completely agree with you. We can’t deny ourselves everything that comes naturally to us. As long as we try our best to help those less fortunate, make the best we can of life and in our case try to improve the welfare of cats we have to be satisfied.

  2. Hi Ruth, I agree being a vegetarian is preferable. Very preferable. Pretty much the only meat I eat is chicken. This is because I have the habit from an early age of eating meat. And being a cat lover and vegetarian is a perfect combination. Well done! I hope you agree though with the general idea behind my post.

  3. Most people will never agree so we can only agree to disagree and keep on doing our best, not only for cats but for all animals.
    It’s very hard for a flesh eater to think of life without eating it.
    I know this because although I felt guilty calling myself an animal lover yet still eating them, it took me a while to actually stop doing it. My sister felt the same way and one day we just said let’s do it! We haven’t eaten the flesh of an animal, bird or fish since that day in January 2001, Our only regret now is that we didn’t so it sooner. But it’s no good trying to force your own views or lifestyle on others, they have to come to it in their own good time or they won’t be successful. I don’t hate meat eaters,I only hate the fact that because they do, many animals suffer pain and fear as they die, also that those people will never know the clean wholesome feeling of never eating dead flesh. We all need to work together for the good of cats, they need us to fight their battles for them. I do love all animals and do what I can on their behalf but I feel my mission in life is to put cats first because many peoples concept of cats badly needs to change, they need to be regarded as highly as dogs are and not as some creatures which in the history books have often been persecuted so that makes it OK for them to go on being persecuted.
    I expect in thousand years time we will be looked upon as barbarians…….. if the human race still exist that is …..
    Progress takes time.

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