Cat Meat Shipment Picture

This picture is protected by copyright but for educational purposes I am publishing it here under fair use because as many people as possible should see it and be involved in trying to put an end to the cat meat industry. It truly is an industry judging by the numbers involved.

The people who say, “what’s the difference between eating a pig in Europe and a cat in China?”, should accept that at least the pig in Europe is transported and killed under controlled and humane conditions whereas in China there are neither controls over transportation nor killing and consequently there is extensive cruelty. You guys can’t get around that argument.

Cat meat shipment cats rescued
Cat meat shipment cats rescued
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It seems that more people are eating cat meat in China than ever before. However, there are a lot of Chinese who find it utterly unacceptable as evidenced by the recent rescue of cats from a lorry by 50 people who are sensitive enough to understand that what they are witnessing is cruel. Just the transportation is appallingly cruel. It would lead to criminal prosecutions and convictions for animal cruelty in the UK. There are no animal welfare laws in China – none. Backward as far as I am concerned – sorry, I have to speak my mind on that. They are good at manufacturing Apple products by the millions but segments of Chinese society have no idea what “animal welfare” means. The government should enact animal welfare legislation without delay. What is holding it up? Answer: a total lack of will.

I am not going to go on about how the cats are killed. It would make you sick. I’d like to thank Marc for directing me to this story.

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    • It gives me hope that things might change but the government needs to enact legislation and enforce it. The trouble is that the government in China is corrupt at local regional and national levels.


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