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This picture is protected by copyright but for educational purposes I am publishing it here under fair use because as many people as possible should see it and be involved in trying to put an end to the cat meat industry. It truly is an industry judging by the numbers involved.

The people who say, “what’s the difference between eating a pig in Europe and a cat in China?”, should accept that at least the pig in Europe is transported and killed under controlled and humane conditions whereas in China there are neither controls over transportation nor killing and consequently there is extensive cruelty. You guys can’t get around that argument.

Cat meat shipment cats rescued

Cat meat shipment cats rescued

It seems that more people are eating cat meat in China than ever before. However, there are a lot of Chinese who find it utterly unacceptable as evidenced by the recent rescue of cats from a lorry by 50 people who are sensitive enough to understand that what they are witnessing is cruel. Just the transportation is appallingly cruel. It would lead to criminal prosecutions and convictions for animal cruelty in the UK. There are no animal welfare laws in China – none. Backward as far as I am concerned – sorry, I have to speak my mind on that. They are good at manufacturing Apple products by the millions but segments of Chinese society have no idea what “animal welfare” means. The government should enact animal welfare legislation without delay. What is holding it up? Answer: a total lack of will.

I am not going to go on about how the cats are killed. It would make you sick. I’d like to thank Marc for directing me to this story.

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    • It gives me hope that things might change but the government needs to enact legislation and enforce it. The trouble is that the government in China is corrupt at local regional and national levels.

  1. yes theres many horrible things in other countries but how can we help them when we cant stop cruelty in our own country, you dont have to leave your own town or back yard to hear about some poor creature in need of help , we like to think we are better and more civilised but are we, i for one are loosing respect for the human race , the more you help the more you see and you never prepare your self what comes next, and cats are so persecuted its unreal, we have stick together and stamp out cruelty

  2. Always dreadful things happening! Yes we need to share this and let everyone know about it.
    There are so many products around ‘made in China’ and too many people continuing to buy them because they are cheap and while this goes on that country will continue to exploit vulnerable people and to abuse animals.
    Sadly there are so many troubles and hardships in the world now for many people most are too concerned with their own worries to bother about others and that’s why these horrible things continue, not enough people try to stop them.

  3. China is cruel to humans too. I found an article online about letters being found within the packaging of cheap goods from China. Workers write about conditions in factories and smuggle the letters out in the packaging of the goods they are producing. Horrific conditions, slave labor basically– yet the west continues to purchase the stuff. I’m not sure anything is being done to help the people being forced to produce it. Cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans usually goes together. The better a nation is with animal welfare the better off humans are in that society, generally. There are always exceptions, of course.

    • Absolutely correct Ruth. Thank you. They do go together. And human rights are as bad as animal rights in China it seems to me. Yet people in the West, Europe and America use China for manufacturing at cheap prices because it is slave labour. Manufacturing is cheaper in China because they have no or little regulations that protects employees. People are dying in manufacturing glossy products that are sold in the West. Very few people talk about that. We support this. Here is an article on Apple products I wrote some time ago.

      Pure Apple Tainted By a Poison

      I know that the West provides employment to Chinese workers but we can do more. The big American and European companies turn a blind eye to workers’ rights in China.

      • I totally agree – infact if we just refused to trade with them they be screwed. It would be a great way of putting pressure on them but money is involved and those big western companies certainly dont want that I’m sure.

        I recently read several articles about dogs becoming sick or dying from chinese meat jerky products from China. They have no standards for quality of meat and big western petfood companies are buying cheap chinese petfood products and selling them under their name. Hopefully that will tarnish their names for good since there are many reports of serious health problems – mainly with dogs – at the moment and calls for these companies to recall those chinese products. Never give your animal chinese food products. God what a horrible place.

        If there is one good thing that comes from this story to me personally. I honestly thought the average person on the street had no welfare values at all and I did not know there were organisations that dealt with resuing animals such as cats. So I have learn’t one nice thing here which is that at least in some areas of China there are relatively normal people who care about these atrocities and will step up and do something about it. It does give me a bit of hope. Especially since the organisation involved in this resue is officially government funded so it makes it a tiny bit harder to sweep under the carpet. But thanks to big western companies I guess the Chinese government won’t give a damn since they aren’t exactly losing business over inhumanity.

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