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  3. You are right Marc, money is many peoples God these days and they don’t care what facts they distort to get even more money.
    I would never sell my soul for any amount of money even though I would love to have some, not for myself as I’ve never had much and ‘what you’ve never had you never miss’ but for doing good for needy animals and people with.
    Dream on Ruth……..

  4. Not many people seem to accept that the human race are at the root of any problems with cats, that is what is so wrong!
    Journalists report negatively on cats and people who don’t like cats read and spread it with delight.
    Such as when there’s a toxoplasmosis report, haters spread the myth that cats are to blame, they don’t think about other causes of the disease, as always it’s easier to blame cats. Declining bird life, yes blame cats, not the ever breeding polluting the world human race.
    Why doesn’t everyone take responsibility, think for themselves, live and let live instead of making things worse.
    Those of us who love cats and take responsibilty for our own for their entire lifetime and fight for the welfare of ALL cats are called crazy.
    No we are not crazy we are caring human beings who know the animal kingdom is totally messed up because of OUR species, not any other, it’s all down to US and only we can put it right!
    One day it will be too late!

    • Exactly Ruth and it’s almost silly having to repeat it again and again because its so incredibly obvious. It’s ironic this article – I just sent Michael a link to an article which mentions the one billion birds killed by cats a year figure in it. How utterly stupid is it to sit around spending time and money on scapegoats rather than doing something far more useful. I don’t have any faith in science when it is used incorrectly and irrationally to generate propoganda and distorted ‘facts’. I don’t suppose anyone would if they knew that either. Media plays a huge role in things like this. What is up with the media anyway. Money speaks louder than truth I guess – if there’s money in it then who cares if it’s true not. I wonder if they were paid to put those articles in their publications – it wouldn’t surprise me.

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