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Cat Nominated For Hero Award After Frightening Burglar — 5 Comments

  1. People don’t need guard dogs. Bengal cats are fine. Not really because 4th generation Bengal cats are just like other domestic cats in terms of aggression etc.. Although there is about 12% wild cat in the fourth generation Bengal cat. I assume the cat is about fourth generation.

    It seems the burglar didn’t like cats. Perhaps he was unsure about cats and the Bengal cat does look half wild. It is a cat breed that is meant to look a bit wild. And they do have nice wild cat sounding voices sometimes.

    I think it is about small deterrents. Most burglars are opportunistic burglars. Their actions are not planned ahead. So even small obstacles can deter as the reward is unknown. They have to weigh up possible small reward against problems encountered.

    I suppose too that the burglar thought that the cat would wake up the occupiers.

  2. Maybe that deep gutteral sound came off as a human sound to the nervous burglar. Of all the sounds he could make he certainly happened to make the best one he could have. Well, that’s my guess on the matter anyway.

  3. Hello Elisa, a slight factual correction. You have mentioned the date as December-2012 while we are still in September-2012.I am a student of History and a blogger , always very particular when “FACTS” are quoted.”DATES” are very important in biographies or historical essays, or books.”SPELLING MISTAKES” are tolerated and can be corrected without damaging the entire biography or history of a era, person or animal but not “CHRONOLOGICAL DATES”. I presume Mr Michael.Broad would agree with me..

    • Hi Rudolph. Thank you for spotting the error. I have amended it to 2011 pending verification. I agree with what you say completely.

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