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  1. So sorry about Red, I can understand why you have to move. We were very lucky to find this house empty when we were desperate,the landlady had a no pets rule because of previous tenants with an entire tom cat….but the kind agent told her we were 2 nice quiet mature sisters with 2 nice quiet neutered cats lol We are great friends with her now.
    It’s not so bad for kittens like yours having to be kept inside, ours always stay in until after they are neutered anyway, it’s worse for older cats used to their freedom to have it taken away from them.
    Good luck, I hope it works out for you Marc.

  2. I wonder how many overweight cats are strictly indoor cats?
    They are kept indoors and deprived of their natural life and exercise. The cats who don’t have caretakers who take into consideration that indoor cats need stimulation to make up for what they are missing by having their freedom taken away, have nothing to do but eat and sleep and therefore grow heavier.
    It’s worse still for the declawed ones, how many of those are overweight?
    Take the freedom from cats and keep them safe, but at what cost? Would a cat choose a long boring unhealthy life or the life cats are born for, taking their chance and enjoying life?
    If cats have to be kept prisoner then that prison should be full of entertainment, lots to do and lots of attention from the caretaker, to ensure the quality of life all cats deserve to enjoy.

    • I totally agree Ruth. Outdoor life means healthy living when it comes to cats. My outdoor cats have never over eaten or had weight problems. I think any serious cat person has to think about outdoor living arrangements for their cats if they want an ideal. I for one am looking to move to the countryside where I can safely let my cats out. I had a bad experience recently – about 2 months ago, where I am living currently and I have decided this means I need to move. Nothing makes me happier than to see my cats enjoyng the outdoors. I bought the place I live in now, so I will have to rent it and go rent a place somewhere safe and away from busy roads.

      Until 2 months ago all my cats have always been outdoor/indoor cats and they have all been super happy and super healthy. I don’t believe in booster shots. Apart from that a good diet and exercise is what I want for my cats. At the moment I have 2 indoor kittens and one cat who is currently staying inside til I work thngs out. I make sure to spend as much time as possible with them and play with them and keep them happy and healthy. It’s a serious job since they are stuck indoors at the moment. I might let them out when it get cold so they dont wander too far because of the cold. But for now, whether I want to or not, I go home right after work and play with them for at least an hour or 2. I also play with them later for a half hour before I go to bed and then another 45mins or so before I go to work. It’s hard work but satisfying to see them happy. They dont seem to have behaviour issues or eating issues so far. I wont let it happen!

      • Marc you are truly a cat lover and I agree that any serious cat person should take into consideration the need for cats to have some quality outdoor life.
        Sorry you have to move, the same happened to us, we got cat hating neighbours and we daren’t the 9 year old cats we had then out to enjoy the freedom they’d been used to since being kittens, so we left our own house and moved to this rented one, losing a lot of money because those people were so awful we had to almost give our house away to get rid of it.
        This was 13 years ago and it’s the best thing we ever did, but if the same happened here we’d move again without a second thought, because our cats health,happiness and welfare comes first. Our present two are 11 years old, one had a feral father, it would break their hearts to be imprisoned and ours too watching their misery at being shut in. We will never buy a house again, renting you can always move without the hassle of trying to sell.
        The people who say they can’t afford some sort of outdoor run for their cats annoy me because you can be sure they can afford TV and other stuff and probably holidays for themselves too.
        Good luck I hope you find somewhere nice to live for you and your cats, very soon

        • Thanks for the encouragement Ruth. Gosh, you have done exactly what I must do albeit for a different reason. For me it’s not neighbours but a busy and dangerous road which I have come to fear since I believe it took the life of my dear Red. As soon as that happened I knew I have to move, so now it is simply a matter of time. It will be some time though, but I look forward to the end result. Luckily the place I bought is an investment in that it is an older place but in a very good area that can’t go down in value basically. Until the time I move, which will be after I do a bit of work on the place to get more rent out of it, I will use the balcony as a run. I am currently trying to figure out a way to secure it and the area on the ground directly below it so the cats can safely be outside whenever they want. I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me but I know the joy of the result when I can actually move. I know how happy they will be to be totally free again and how happy that’s going to make me.

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