Cat Painting

Art is subjective. What I like, you might hate, which is fine. I like this cat painting. That said, I like most cat paintings! This one is by Rubina Latif. It was pinned on Pinterest and Rubina has kindly agreed to allow me to publish it here. She has a blog, where you can see more of her work.

Cat Painting
Cat Painting by Rubina Latif
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

What do I like about it? Colour is the answer and the fact that it is a bit “funky”. I tend to prefer images that are not conventional or not straight representations. In the days before photography there was a reason to paint a cat or person as a likeness and as a record. Nowadays photography does that job far better so painting and drawings should bring something else to the easel.

For me, this painting “works”. The cat has some character too. Do you see a character for this cat? Be honest 😉

There is a page on cats in paintings where you can see mainly historical depictions of cats in paintings.

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18 thoughts on “Cat Painting”

  1. Hey I am not hurt, really. Art is a way for me to relax. Some love it and other dont. I really do think thats how it is with art. I went to the Summer Exhibition at the RA recently, and disliked most of it, yet it had all sold, for thousands.

    Michael, thank you. I’m glad generally men do like it, as my man didnt LOL

  2. Hi All

    Barbara I am left handed lol. My Hubby saw it and said “Daddy Daddy look what I painted today” ! LOL. Thank you for your honest comments…..thank gawd I dont do this for a living

    • Rubina, don’t listen to the girls 😉 Us men love the picture. I think you have talent. There is no question about that. Thanks again for letting me publish your painting here.

    • It’s a good job you have a wonderful SOH Rubina lol because PoC is a place for honest opinions, but I’d have hated to hurt your feelings.
      We don’t all like the same things and I’m no art critic, you enjoy your hobby, that’s the main thing.

    • Aghh Rubina if I’d known you would be reading my “critique” I might have been a bit less blunt, but I stand by my comments and am glad you’re broadminded enough to realise your style of art is not everyone’s cup of tea. As long as you enjoy it that is what matters, just don’t give up the day job LOL Bx


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