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Cat Paw Prints

A search for cat paw prints can mean one of two things: a search for clip art of paw prints and/or a cat’s tracks left in sand, earth or snow and sometimes rock!

Consequently, I cover both topics on this page.

Clip art

Below I present a piece a clip art that I have purchased from iStockphoto. It links to a large format version so bits of it can be cropped out and used separately. These bits can be used for personal use but the clipart cannot be resold. You would be wise to refer to iStockphoto’s terms and conditions. One such permitted use under the terms is as follows: “on–line or electronic publications, including web pages to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels for image or illustration Content or to a maximum of 640×480 for video Content..” That should suit lots of people.

The above cat paw prints clipart is a large thumbnail. Click on it to see a 1000 x 1000 pixel version. But please comply with the terms of use as mentioned.

Snow cat paw prints

Sweaty cat paw prints

Some cat paw prints

Below are a series of interesting images of paw prints or marks on various surfaces. One of the best surfaces is snow for obvious reasons. These images are all published here under a specific creative commons license. If used they must be used as is (unmodified), you must give the original author credit and you may not use them for commercial purposes.

Cat prints in a smokey/dirty window! Let me in! Click on the image for larger version.

This is a bit weird. A paw print in a Christmas decoration. This is not meant to be a paw print, is it? And if not, what is it meant to be?

Paw print of domestic cat in concrete with a bit of bird sh*t as well..! Maybe the bird got scared.

A mountain lion (puma or cougar) paw print in the snow. Click on the image to go to lots more on this subject.

This one is very interesting.  The photographer says: Cat paw prints frozen in the semi melt.

Domestic cat prints in snow – nice clean prints.

Muddy cat paw prints in/on a car.

Cat’s prints on the hood of an abandoned car – a 1968 Ford Thunderbird 2. Click on the image to see large version.

Paw print carpet.

Bronze paw prints on what appears to be a stone wall.

Cat paw prints are fascinating. The cat’s paw is too. Please don’t harm it through declawing.

A cat’s paw contains scent glands for marking territory. Territory is also marked by scraping the ground with the claws.

Where are cats’ scent glands located?

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