Cat Pictures Selection – Aug 2012

It is time for some more cat pictures. After all, the site is called “Pictures of Cats”. Google likes it if I include some cat pics from time to time. Dorothy selects them. I don’t know where they come from! I am presuming they are in the public domain. They look like that. If someone tells me that a picture or pictures are not in the public domain I’ll rectify the matter immediately.

The picture are thumbnails so you can click on them to see larger format versions (and complete versions as the thumbnails are all formatted square).

Pictures of cats make us smile – well most of us. They have a charm like no other and it is a major reason why you can’t have enough pictures of cats on the internet!

Actually, you can have too many, I believe. I’d rather see more energy expended on cat welfare than posting pictures of cats. There is great charm in pictures of cats and they can be therapeutic in their own right.

However, I always feel a tinge of guilt when viewing nice cat photos because there is too much that is not so nice lurking underneath the veneer of fun and respectability. The abandoned, the abused the unwanted.

I would rather a single unwanted cat became wanted and loved than see a million charming cat pictures.

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