Cat Saves Dog From Dog Attack

By Elisa Black-Taylor

Sammy and Izzy

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This a cute little story I came across of a brave rescue which took place last week in Toledo, Ohio, where a cat saved his dog companion.

Sammy the cat and Izzy the terrier are friends, and Sammy allows Izzy to chase him. Of course, Sammy always has higher ground to run to should Izzy want to play too rough.

It was last weekend when Sammy saved the life of his best friend. They were playing outside when a big dog attacked Izzy, puncturing his stomach with its teeth. Sammy did what all cats do when faced with a dangerous predator. She puffed up to ten times her size (not really, but to an enemy it likely seemed that way) to distract the dog.

Here’s a short news video describing the attack and showing us Izzy, poor thing.

The dog then dropped Izzy and started to chase Sammy. Sammy was fortunate enough to climb to safety. Even though the little terrier suffered serious injuries, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Izzy’s veterinarian, Kittsen McCumber, said “the cat got away safely up a tree and literally saved this dog’s life.”

Do any of you have dogs or cats who would protect each other in a situation such as this? I don’t know about my cats, as they all like to play rough. Our cat-dog Cujo plays ambush with the cats and my house is wild between midnight and 3 a.m. I do know Cujo’s daddy MuMu was very protective of the cats. He never thought twice about jumping into what he thought was a fight between two cats. He also had a soft spot for Ginger, who died of renal failure. I had to convince him to allow me near Ginger.

Sammy, you’re a good cat. I hope Izzy bought you a lot of catnip for your heroic effort.


3 thoughts on “Cat Saves Dog From Dog Attack”

  1. I have never experienced this personally. It is just another example of interspecies friendship that brings out a protective instinct in either one. I wonder if Izzy would have done the same thing for Sammy?

    Are cats more protective than dogs? No idea!


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