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  1. Alot of people, including one or two I know, sadly, have the philosophy that they should just let their cat be a cat and not interfere. One of those friends takes it a step further by refusing to spay her 2 females. It’s god awful really, I can’t stand it.

  2. I think a good test is whether I would allow my cat near an alligator. The answer is a definite “no”. Just too risky. There is no doubt a certain element of exploitation here. People are desperate to make a successful YouTube video that gets millions of hits as it can make reasonable money through Google Adsense. The video has to have millions of hits rather rapidly to make decent money and videos like that are as rare as hens teeth. The goal is almost impossible to achieve so it is rather pointless to put your cat through that amount of risk. Perhaps these alligators are friendly 🙂 I still wouldn’t risk my cat. It depends how close you are to your cat and how caring a cat caretaker you are. There is a wide spectrum of types of cat owners. Some are pretty unconcerned.

  3. I watched our cat Spot “charm” a copperhead back in 1983. We were sitting in the swing with my infant daughter when I saw what I believed to be a stick. My mother asked me about the stick as she’d recently picked up some for the trash pile. I told mama over next to Spot. Then the stick started moving. Spot had placed himself between the snake and my family and stayed with the snake until my husband got a hoe and killed it. It was terrifying. I can’t imagine someone wanting to film a dangerous situation.

  4. Yep, the family that own the alligator farm (for meat I think) saw their cat fend of the alligators and have made a few dollars doing it. People can pay to see the cat, is my understanding. They also made a few smaller cable channels. Small beans, really.

    My mom’s cat Fluffy would chase dogs of all size and ferocity out of our yard in our first house. She was a medium build, gray Manx with a full lush tail. Our neighborhood bully, a good sized male German Shepard was terrified of her. Another dog was curious about her and tried to paw at her a bit before finally deciding she was more cat than he was curious. Good for her. Our yard was free of dogs (and other cats, for that matter). My mentally handicapped brother — who is afraid of dogs and cats — played without fear. I’ll have to show a pix of her. She really was pretty cat.

    You know, she was mean to everyone except mom. When she was a very young kitten, a pet raccoon (she lived at my cat-lady Aunt’s house) picked her up by the throat and shook her, trying to kill her. Several of Fluffy’s bigger older brothers came to her rescue, attacking the raccoon en masse. The kitten was delivered to my mom the next day via a very drunk man. Another reminder that our cats were once fully wild.

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