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  1. I’ll admit it, I’m hooked on sleeping cat pix. I love the different expression captured of sleeping cats. I like pictures of sleeping babies of all breeds, including human. I think it goes beyond just being cute. There is an ‘awwwwweee’ factor that feels instinctively primal to me. It speaks to the potential parent ability that lies in all living creatures. I think it’s amazing, that the most hardcore, anti-baby friends (when I was in my 20-30’s) would be able to resist the sight awe factor, but would be caught up, again and again, by the scent of babies. They all ended up pregnant, some just wanted the baby, no man, within a year or so. It seemed like it was contagious. I even called it a couple of times proven my hypothesis. So very primal! I think that awe factor is what endears us to our cats. Charlie is gorgeous. I can almost feel how soft his fur is and how softly and sweetly he meows when he gently asks you for something. You are lucky man.

  2. Sleeping the sleep of the innocent eh? So are these two reprobates here, Walter and Jozef who don’t believe that humans should be allowed to sleep at night, only cats through the day. Both are zzzzzzing on their sides on each of our beds. Yawn…..

      • Lol – he’s asleep so clearly you have done your duties and can have a little free time now until he needs you next. Seeing a cat sleeping makes me feel very relaxed and cozy. It’s the ‘home’ part of the ‘house’ – the atmosphere and energy they bring all the time, and especially when they are asleep. If a cat is asleep you can be pretty much sure there is peace and quiet around because a cat wouldn’t be asleep if there wasn’t. Seeing them sleep is almost like motivation to relax 🙂

  3. That is a beautiful photo of Charlie, sometimes simple natural ones are the best.
    Just look at his lovely glossy coat! This photo makes me want to stroke him and hear him purr.

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