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  2. It looks to me as if it’s a sort of self portrait, the cat is left handed the same as Louis and seems to be in a defensive attitude. Did the painter wear a monocle and smoke a cigar himself I wonder?

  3. I think the cat with the cigar is a mockery of a posh person – who is not clenching his fist but checking his nails – hiding behind his glazed posh looks. Thats why you don’t see his pupil whilst the other eye is hidden by a monocle – he has that stone cold expression which I am sure pretentious noveau riche people of the time would have had. I think he is clearly making fun of these people through this painting.
    To be honest he sounds like a great guy. So it doesnt suprise me he had a hard life. Great people who are down to earth and kind are not the people that our culture promotes. Our culture promotes opportunists who often have no shame in their actions and strife to get to the top. In other words – good businessmen (notice how there is no ‘businesswoman’ – thats our culture for you) I feel sorry for him too, but no doubt he always knew he was more in touch with the important things in life even though he suffered a lot. I’m sure he was also of very strong character. No doubt he would vote for Obama 🙂 – and be totally against ROmney and his evil ‘global gag rule’ and he probably would also believe that poor people who work hard for a low wage should have the right to good healthcare since they work just as hard as the people who think they deserve healthcare because they can afford it simply because they work for a higher wage, but tell themselves they are working harder than those who have a low wage, so they think they deserve it and each to his own etc etc – I had to throw that in. It’s true though, I think he would vote for Obama 🙂 – seems like a nice hard working man who suffered because he was poor but was able to mock the self importance of the rich – at least by the looks of the painting at the top of this article.

    • Good comment – great comment – as usual. Thanks for adding to the page, Marc. It is interesting to debate what the cat is doing. I think you could well be correct. The cat looks very stern, angry. For this reason I am not sure he is not checking his nails but confronting someone. He is certainly posh and probably arrogant. The cat would vote for Romney but there is no doubt that Wain would vote for Obama. Totally agree there. From what I read Wain seems like a very nice person. Probably a gentle person. He was left-handed too, judging by the picture. I don’t know if that is relevant. Left-handed people seem to have other common traits.

      • I’m left handed. It usually means learning to do everything right handed. I guess thats not really an advantage to begin with but certainly might be after you can do it both ways. I was always good on the left wing for soccer, field hockey and bowling on the right side of the umpire in cricket with a swerve. The photo does show him as being left handed though which is a good point. It’s actually rather ironic that we can’t decide if he’s checking his nails or confronting somebody. That in itself says something. If checking his nails I rather like the idea that his ears are therefore locked in an offensive/defensive position as a sort of default. If confronting then its fairly obvious that they be like that 🙂

        • A bit off the topic of Louis Wain, Marc, but it’s said that left handed people started out with a right handed twin, a mirror image, but the twin was absorbed so never detected.
          My late mother was left handed, as is one of her grandsons who was thought to have had a twin at conception and another grandson has mirror image twins.
          At school in the 1920s, left handed pupils had their right hand tied behind their back and were forced to write with their right hand!

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