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Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 is about cat sounds in the audio file WAV format plus other audio file types of cat sounds. If the file extension is “.wav” they are files in the waveform audio format. They are also known as Audio for Windows and the file type is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format.

Firstly, I’d like to present some audio files via an audio player that works on PCs and MACs. They are various domestic cat sounds. Below these are many more sounds. There are also two links immediately below to jaguar and ocelot sounds..

Cat Fight:

Angry Cat:

Cat Meow:

Cat Growl:

Cat Crying?:

Cat Fight:

Cat Hiss:

Kitten in Distress:

Cat Pre-fight Howling Standoff:

Cat Purr:

Another Cat Fight:

Kitten? Hurt Cat?

Jaguar Sounds – Link
Ocelot Sounds – link


I think the first thing to note is that cat vocalizations are work in progress. One of the best books on the subject1 is not complete in my opinion. What i mean is that it does not include a discussion about the nuances of the domestic cat vocalisations. It is not just meows and hisses etc. Domestic cats produce a wide range of intermediate sounds.

How far can and do we go when communicating with our cat? The above video contains audio files as well to get over the problem of playing audio files on incompatible computer software. Videos play on almost all computers.

The forms of vocal communication are listed below. Different species of wildcat use different sounds. The domestic cat also uses some of these sounds. The hiss is described as a “nonvocal sound”1.

  • spit – intense explosive burst of noise – threatening behavior/fights. Domestic cats don’t spit. The sand cat combines the hiss and spit.
  • hiss – mimicking a snake – attack/defense. See video of serval’s defensive hiss. The hiss delivered by a wildcat, is substantially more energetic and loud than that of a domestic cat. It can be quite intimidating. Below is a video of a serval hissing. The hiss is produced when exhaling. It falls under the catergory of a “strained intensity call” – used when under “intense emotional stress”2 by a domestic cat.

  • growl – deep rolling rrrr – like spitting and hissing. Aggressive. Varies in length. Can indicate preparation to attack. Mouth is closed.  A “strained intensity call”.
  • snarl – defensive sound. Produced with teeth showing.
  • gurgle – short sound of about half a second.  Produced at close range. A friendly sound used in courtship, mating and mother to kittens. At least 22 wildcat species are said to use the gurgle. There are two types: cooing and bubbling1.
  • prusten – short at less than one second and low in intensity – close range friendly sound. It sounds like a horse snorting apparently. This cat sound is produced by the tiger, clouded leopard, snow leopard and jaguar it is thought.
  • puff – close range friendly situations.
  • purr – close range. Produced when inhaling and exhaling. Also can be produced when drinking. This sound first produced by kittens when nursing as a signal to mother all is well. Mother purrs back. Categorised as a “murmur pattern”.
  • mew– we know this one. All species of felid meow in varies ways. In some wildcats they might not be noticeable as a meow however. This cat sound can be of low, intermediate and high intensity. In the domestic cat to human companion context the meow is mainly used as a call to be noticed and to make a demand (e.g. for food). It can mean a variety of things depending on the individual cat and the circumstances. The common spelling is “meow”. Categorised as a “vowel sound” in domestic cats.
  • main call with grunt – long distance signal.
  • roaring – long distance communication (lion, leopard and jaguar only). The reason why the tiger is missing is because it “lacks the grunt as part of a “roaring sequence”.
  • grunt – females calling cubs.
  • wah-wah – close approach of two animals.
  • chatter – desirable prey out of reach – practicing the bite. This can be seen in domestic cats at windows while they watch birds for example. The only wild cat that chatters is the European lynx1.
  • aohhuu (this is not a technical description) – request or demand for recipient cat to leave the area. This is not a sound listed by the authors of Wild Cats of the World but by me.
  • trill/chirrup – the Maine Coon cat, a purebred domestic cat is a well known producer of this sound.
  • mating call – by female during estrus to attract toms. Categorised as a vowel sound in domestic cats.
  • mating cat – by male when competing with other males. Catergotrised as a strained intensity call in domestic cats.
  • trill/chirrup – Maine Coon are knwon for these but all cats in varying individual styles do them. They are a form of greeting.
  • Strange sound like No, No! made by a fearful domestic cat
  • See jaguarundi sounds (vocalizations) – there are 13 different sounds.

These audio files can be tricky to play because audio formats are a pain in the bum to be honest. It depends on what software you are running and that depends on Windows or Mac. Sorry but I can’t do much about it.

Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 — The first batch of files are in the WAV format. For WAV files: The files are downloadable so you can then upload them to your own

WAV icon

server and run them from there. To download a file please follow this:

Right click on the text link and select “Save Link As…” (see image below). A download window will pop up and you can select the destination for the file to be downloaded. If you left click on the text link you will be taken to a new window and a Player where you can play the audio file. If you use QuickTime Pro you can then save the file from the player.

how to download an audio file

WAV – File to be downloaded – Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3
Meow – an asking meow for food
Meow – single meow that sounds if it was made by a human!
Siamese Meow
Kitten Meow – loud, more than one kitten all waiting and asking for dinner. a loud file and a bit of background noise.
Kitten Meow – sweet single meow by a kitten.
Kitten Meow – sweet gentle double meow.
Cat meowing -calling meows
Cat meowing – standard single meow
Cat meowing -single loud calling meow
Cat meowing -insistent meow
Cat meowing – growl type meow
Cat meowing – loud, insistent, demanding meow
Cat meowing – sounds like a strong, loud, male cat meow/cry/call
Cat meowing -gentle, tortured meow
Cat meowing – distant meow
Cat meowing -purr/growl/meow/loud
Cat meowing -demanding male cry meow
Cat meowing -two hungry cats meowing/growling like mad about to get their dinner.
Meow as a preliminary to food – more pre-food meowing from more than one cat.


WMA icon

WMA – Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 – The next batch of audio files are in the Windows Media Audio format. WMA, was conceived as a competitor to the popular MP3 and RealAudio codecs. They are for windows run computers (PCs).

For WMA files simply click on the link and if you use a windows operating system the standard download mini-window will appear asking if you want to play the file or download it.

If you select to play it your default player will run, which is probably windows media player. You can select another player if it is available on your computer. This is how it will or should look:

wma download

It is not possible to play WMA files on a Mac using Quick Time Player or iTunes. You have to convert to one of the other formats on this page that play using Quick Time Player or buy cheap software that is supported by a Mac such as “Music Man for OS X”. Just Google that and you’ll find an online supplier.

You can can covert audio files online and download the new file type. The best site for this in my opinion is:

WMA – File to be downloaded – Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3
Fisher cat sounds – these are harrowing, human like sounds, made by a wessel like animal that is not a cat! The link goes to a new page and the sounds.
Cat in a cage– the sound of two cats probably being fed and waiting for the food. Slightly odd meow but then all meows differ.
Kitten meowing – this is a very plaintiff sad meow of a lost and needy kitten.
Siamese cat meowing – nice raucous Siamese cat meow.
Cat being stroked and meowing – the cat is making the kind of sound that indicates pleasure! There is a bit of background noise.
Lynx call – pretty similar to domestic cat call I think. See Eurasian lynx.
Caracal hiss – very loud and very intimidating. See Caracal.
Bobcat catwerwauling – this is the classic wildcat caterwaul, which can be heard over long distance, about one mile. See American bobcat.
Bobcat growling – kinda typical cat growl but a bit more scary!
Cougar in heat – yes, sounds like it. Cats in heat are attracting the male in various ways and this sound to a male cougar is one way to get him around. See lots on the Puma.
Cougar purr – classic cat’s purr. Cougars can’t roar and make sounds similar to domestic cats just like this purr although a bit deeper and richer.
Cougar squeaks – just for the cougar this one.
Lion’s roar – territorial marker and its low frequency resonance means it travels far and wide – up to 5 miles.
Serval yelp, hiss and while eating – the hiss is pretty typical cat, the other two sounds are not especially the last one, which sounds almost human. See Serval as domestic cat and wildcat. In the video this domestic cat hisses as a sign of pleasure (I believe):

Tiger chuff greeting -the tiger saying hi!

Ocelot greeting – the ocelot is a small wildcat. The greeting is strange and unnerving.

Tiger Roar – this is a link to a new page on this subject.

Sand cat spitting hissing – this is a strange click (the spit?) then hiss that are merged. The click is not a sound recording defect but part of the hiss.

Mountain Lion Sounds – this is not a link to an audio file but to a new page about the sounds that the Puma makes.

Siamese cat meowing -nice long session of a Siamese cat’s typical vocal meow. See traditional Siamese cats.

Cat in Heat – Cats make a range of sounds in heat but this is one of them when she calls.

Cat Chattering – classic chattering at a bird. The cat is instinctively practicing the biting motion that takes place when prey is caught which breaks the spine of the bird at the nape of the neck.

Domestic cat growl – your standard growl, which is usually followed by the hiss.

Domestic cat hiss – the standard hiss designed to mimic the snake to frighten an adversary.

Caterwauling to his human companion – this is male cat that is calling to his human companions and described as caterwauling.

Caterwauling is a term that seems to be used to mean slightly different things to different people.

Caterwauling definition
1.To cry or screech like a cat in heat.

2. To make a shrill, discordant sound.
3. To have a noisy argument. {Free Dictionary}

Caterwauling has been described as the the male cat makes when sexually excited, sometimes as a prelude to a fight over a female. The book Wild Cats Of The World explain caterwauling as loud long distance calls intended to bring cats together for mating. For the American bobcat they can be heard about a mile away. Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3


MP3 icon

MP3 – Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 – The next batch are MP3 audio files. In terms of downloading the file the same procedure as for the WAVE files applies. These are PEG-1 Audio Layer 3 files. They are highly compressed which translates into smaller file sizes.

They can’t be played (as far as I can see) by Windows Media Player probably because they were a competing audio format but Apple’s QuickTime Player will play these files once downloaded.

The image below shows what the player looks like. The software is a free download from this site: (opens in a new window).

Quicktime player


MP3 – File to be downloaded – use the same technique as for WAV files. I have excluded the player to speed up page load. Left clicking on the link will produce a player in a new window.
Cat Meow
Cat meowing
Cat purring
More to come…………….Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3……

More about the sounds the bobcat makes on this page: Bobcat Sounds. I will be building a fresh Bobcat soundboard in the future. The old one has been changed by I need to create a new one (date 24th July 2012). In the meantime here are some jaguarundi vocalisations:

Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 to Home page

Cat Sounds WAV WMA MP3 – Photos:

  • Cat meowing: by anna pearson (opens in a new window)
  • WMA icon – fair use is argued as per the rationale set out on the Wikipedia website.
  • MP3 icon came from: – if this is copyright material I plead fair use and adopt the same arguments as for the WMA file icon.
  • 1. Wild Cats of the World pages 421-424. ISBN-13:978-0-226-77999-7
  • 2. The Cat, Its Behavior, Nutrition & Health. ISBN 978-0-8138-0331-9

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