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Cat Therapy For Newtown School Shooting Victims — 3 Comments

  1. I saw the coverage of the Kittens For Kids on our Fox affiliate, as well as coverage about those gorgeous Golden Retrievers that were brought in as Therapy Dogs. Here is a another great example of what the love of an animal can do for those who are in need of a special friend.

  2. Beautiful idea. I love the way companion animals can do things with children that people can’t. A kitten can open up a traumatised child and get them to begin to feel OK again.

    Kittens and cats (and dogs) can do healing work that people can’t. They can tap into the emotions of a child and start the repair work after an emotional trauma such as the Sandy Hook massacre.

    Love the work you do. Well done. This is an uplifting story amongst the gloom. And it’s about cats and kittens ­čÖé

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