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  1. Note: I apologise for the initial typos which I have now corrected (I hope). It was written under the duress of Charlie’s orders. I couldn’t focus getting in and out of bed all the time to serve the master.

  2. lol – I love the computer table thingy, its great. I’m sure they would use it but they would occasionally take a break from using it to come and stand on my keyboard. I agree, its nice to be asked to do things by your cats. I give Molly hairball paste in the morning when I brush my teeth, because she has long fur. I give it to the other 2 occasionally. Now Molly has started asking me to hurry up and brush my teeth and do the hairball paste thing, and even though normally I do things in a different order, when I see her run in there and meow expectantly I decide to change the order of things so she can get her bit when she wants it. lol, Charlie sounds funny. It is definitely about being a willing trainee. Maybe because I live alone and don’t have a whole lot of other things to do I am glad to be able to oblige my cats. We have a problem this evening, Gigi lost her catnip mousie and she thinks I have hidden it and is clearly not happy about the situation. I have looked under every couch and bit of furniture to no avail but she still is expecting it. Talk about trained, looks like I am going to have to take a train into town tomorrow and find another box of those things so this issue doesn’t arise again.

    I want one of those computer table thingy’s – I think I even saw one for sale online via the modern cat site.

    • I am worried about you Marc 🙂 You’re not trained. You are the butler. Just joking. I am glad you agree about being asked by your cat to do something. I think sometimes we can become distanced from our cat if too many things are automated. When a cat asks for something the person interacts with his cat and this is bonding. It also means the person can observe his cat better and get to know changes in health and behavior etc. It is also nice to be relied on by someone.

      As for computer work I do quite a bit in bed as you know. This allows Charlie to lie next to me or on my legs. This is nice. It only becomes a problem when the website is screwing up for some technical reason and at the same time Charlie is sticking his stump into my shin bone. Charlie is missing all of his right leg and the stump is rounded and hard bone. He has no problem but it hurts me 🙂

  3. Monty loves deli ham more than anything on this earth. I was eating some of a left over sandwich from last night and it had ham on it. I gave Monty his own little pile of ham, but after he ate that he still wanted more. He was purring louder than I’ve ever heard any cat purr. He purrs to tell me he wants something. It worked. I gave him a little more just to hear him purr even louder. I hope it’s not bad for him. It’s a little salty, I imagine.

    • Monty purrs. Charlie shouts at me. He has some Siamese in him and the Siamese cat has this raucous voice. It certainly works on me. Charlie likes ham too. Goes nuts. He could live off ham and chicken but…if he did it would be bad for him. Still it is nice to see him happy, contented and relaxed afterwards. I would say I am trained but a willing trainee.

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