Cat Trains Dog. Human Can’t Train Cat?

This is an interesting video, which, I believe, was made in Israel. All I know is that the person who made the video wrote something about it in Hebrew! That’s Israel, isn’t it? Also, the architecture and building materials indicate, to me, that this is Israel but I could be wrong. There are lots of feral/stray cats in Israel and, as expected, they have advanced animal welfare: declawing is banned, for instance.

This is the description of the video in Hebrew:

הבואו יאללה כוון לכלב בסרטון ולכלב השני שלי שעומד מאחורי, אין פה שום אימונים, הלוואי ואפשר היה לאלף את החתולה הסוררת הזו, אבל לא

The Google translation is as follows:

Introductions Come adjust video dog and my other dog behind, there’s no training, I wish I could tame this shrew cat, but not

Good isn’t it 😉 ?

The point is that this lady says she can’t train her smart cat and this is one smart cat, but why is this intelligent cat leading her dog companion from the outside, up the stairs, to the family home?

The video maker, the lady, clearly says she has not trained her cat to do this:

I did not train her to do this…

But, and this is a big but, you will hear the cat and dog’s owner say something to her cat immediately before the cat puts the dog’s lead into her mouth and leads the dog. What she says sounds like “bo yalla“. That is a crude version of what I hear. It’s in Hebrew, of course. I’ll guess and say that she has trained her cat and “bo yalla” means:

“pick up the lead, we are going inside!”

As mentioned, if you look at the cat, she immediately picks up the dog’s lead in her mouth after the lady said “bo yalla”. On the face of it, this is cat training.

The Answer!?

This is my answer to the question that I posed. Remember this is my answer. There are lots of alternatives that might be better. The lady who made the video has informally trained her cat. This may have started because her cat is very attached to her dog and her cat may have grabbed the dog’s lead, without prompting, at some stage.

The lady may have trained her cat for the fun of it with the intention of making a YouTube video to make some money.

2 thoughts on “Cat Trains Dog. Human Can’t Train Cat?”

  1. Wow the cat even talks to the dog when it gets sidetracked to remind him they are going home.

    I have a friend living in Israel who says cats are everywhere. I should ask her for pictures and words 🙂

  2. This should and will go viral–just be forewarned. >.. Thank you for the “declawing ref/link. Folks, take note and read.


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