Cat Waking Andreas Magically

Cat waking Andreas magically sounds a bit odd until you watch the video below. It is in large format. I would not run it in HD as it might run too slowly and spoil it unless you have a very fast internet connection.

Savannah cat Magic jumping onto Andreas Stucki's bed

Savannah cat Magic jumping onto Andreas Stucki’s bed – still from the video

I would like to thank Martin and Kathrin Stucki for providing the raw video material for the video. And I would also like to thank them for raising MAGIC so beautifully. Magic is an F1 Savannah cat and the tallest domestic cat – Guinness World Records. And of course thanks to Andreas who gets on so well with Magic.

This is a special relationship. Scarlett’s Magic is now with the Bella Gattini Cattery who have opened a shop. See Savannah Cat Shoppe.

You can see all the Magic videos and lots more on my YouTube home page (called a “channel” by YouTube). The page is here: Broadsurf (new window).

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